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Dried Cranberry Butter Tarts

The day I always seem to bake on is Monday.This is probably because I spend most of my time with Dave on Tuesday's and I love to share bake goods. It also seems to push me to do more recipes, which is always good.So this time I chose to make a baked good using dried cranberries. A treat that I love snacking on and using in baking.It brings great color,sweetness and tartness to everything.
On Monday night, I remembered I had homemade pastry in the freezer and my luck they were leftover tart rounds.So right then and there I had to make cranberry butter tarts.However there was only six rounds left and I needed more.Everyone loves butter tarts here and six wouldn't even last a day.So I needed to make some more pastry and then to my surprise my mother started making a whole batch of pastry to make a pot pie and to freeze the rest.So I use some of her pastry and this save so much time.It was great timing.

So then I started to make the tart filling, while the leftovers thawed.The butter tart filling I used was a recipe I've made many times.Its trusting recipe and I love the flavor.However this time I made a few changes to the ingredients to meet my needs.I used margarine and cranberries instead of butter and raisins.From their the filling was breeze to whip up and the pastry was super easy to deal with and roll out.For the cut rounds I just used a glass cup close to the size of the muffin cups. I also made sure to grease each muffin cup to prevent sticking. I definitely recommend PAM if you have any or to use shortening/ lard to grease.This will make a big difference.Its between having a perfect tart to a crumbly mess.So please grease!

From there I assembled my tarts.Pressed in the pastry,thrown in the cranberries and poured in the filling.They really looked delicious even this far in the process.Then I baked them for about 20 minute till the pastry was golden brown and the filling was puffed up.The temperature and bake time worked perfect for these and it was even a different pastry being used.I love when recipes work out so well.

These butter tarts have been my go to recipe for a while and now its become my go to cranberry butter tart recipe. When you use cranberries instead of raisins you will get something different then the usual.But different is good in this situation. These little dried berries bring more color,sweetness and flavor then raisins.Even if you don't like dried cranberries you will love these.The pastry is also wonderfully paired with the sweet filling and tartness.Try it yourself. Use this recipe I'm recommending or maybe you have a favorite tart recipe.Whatever it might be.Just see for yourself and try out the idea from raisins to cranberries. You won't be disappointed.

So I wish everyone a great day and to get your bake on!
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