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Homemade Condiments:Final Review

Homemade Condiments from Jessica Harlan has open my eyes to a brand new world of creating condiments at home and ditching the unhealthy,flavorless store brands.Each recipe is made with simple ingredients along with quick and easy directions.Everyone will find a favorite amongst each chapter from infused oils,flavored Mayo's and even the varieties of ketchup.So in the end,I now forever have a cookbook to reach out too when I desire ketchup made with fresh tomatoes for my french fries or a refreshing healthy dressing for a salad. 

Overall,I must say a big thank to Jessica Harlan for Homemade Condiments, which has gave me the knowledge and skills to create my own condiments to enjoy at home.So I will give a two thumbs to the Homemade Condiments and a big thank you to Ulysses Press for sending me a copy to review.

So readers,enjoy the recipes that have been reviewed and check out Homemade Condiments for many other quick recipes.

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