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"The Art Of Baking" is where I have spent over five years reviewing more then a 100 recipes.Some recipes have been extraordinary to quite challenging,although it has always been a thought provoking experience. 

These blogging adventures overtime have given me the freedom to share my experiences and has opened up wonderful opportunities. Overtime,I have been given lots of support in reviewing more then 10 cookbooks thus far through the generosity of Ulysses's Press and Robert Rose Inc.Through these book opportunities, I have been able to strengthen my writing skills as well as my photography.So I have nothing but gratitude for all the support I have received through these publishers as well as my viewers feedback.

Here,I am still excited for every recipe challenge I do and I am interested to what the future holds for The Art Of Baking.


If you have any questions about the recipes,reviews or like to share an idea,please E-mail me.You can also get in touch with me through my Facebook page or Twitter.

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