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Dairyland Review: 1% Cottage Cheese

 Do you have some overripe or leftover fruit? That you can't figure out what to do with.Well I have a simple recipe where can use any fruit that you like and create your own fruit spread.Its a unique idea where the recipe is so basic that you easily put you own creativity towards it.Meaning If you don't like the fruit to the original recipe then you can easily change it and even put your own additions.Its simply your choice in flavor and texture.

Now for this recipe,its the quickest and easiest way to use up your fruit,especially after you made  a syrup from "The Artisan Soda Workshop". For me, I dislike wasted food so I think its great that I'm able to put fruit towards another recipe.So for this spread I used up my leftover crushed peaches and combined it with 1% cottage cheese.That's all was needed to create this condiment that can be put on toast, replacement to yogurt with granola or just have it as is.Its exactly the same to cottage cheese fruit cups; however your able to make it your own.

This spread on it own may not be that great to look at, but its the flavor and texture that work so well together. It has a combination of creamy rich flavor from the cottage cheese and then an enhancement of sweet peach flavor. I can imagine even blueberries,strawberries or any other fruit would be great in this spread and its healthy as well.Nothing can be bad to say about this adapted recipe from Martha Stewart.Its really easy to make and you can even down size the recipe to make just enough for your toast in the morning.

Overall, I really like how simple I can make this recipe.The 1% Dairy land cottage cheese and peaches work so great together.The Dairy land product definitely delivers in this recipe and with even 50% less fat it still as rich and creamy as the original.All together Its a quick and healthy condiment for breakfast or snack time.Definitely recommend it along with the products to use.

Enjoy and stay tune for a new review!

The Recipe

Cottage Cheese Peach Spread Adapted From Cottage Cheese Fruit Spread

1 cup Dairy land 1% Cottage Cheese
1/2 cup crushed peaches(any fruit)

 Puree 1 cup of Dairy land 1% Cottage Cheese and 1/2 cup of crushed peaches (Sweetened or unsweetened) in a blender or fruit processor.It will be thick and spreadable.Serve immediately.

Their will be quite a bit, so if you want less cut the recipe in half.

 I spread it on whole grain toast and it was sweet and creamy.Very filling in the end!

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