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Slow Cooked Apple Brown Betty

Everyone has their own nostalgic version of Apple Brown Betty. Their mother's and grandmother's recipes are always the best; However when keeping an open mind you can introduce yourself to tasty ideas. For instance, imagine taking a classic apple brown betty recipe and baking it with a slow cooker. Slowly baking anything will generate new flavors as well as textures.
For example, when using granny smith apples in this recipe, it slowly transforms a tart green apple into a tender,sweet apple. The baking of low heat breaks down the apples slowly. While allowing the flavored bread topping absorb slowly to the fresh apple mixture. Everything melds together and each element has an importance to the balance of flavor. Therefore it creates a dessert with juicy, tender pieces of sweet apple along with a soft golden brown bread topping. It becomes a truly aromatic dessert as well as a compilation that will continue to stay a classic.

Overall,this recipe is easy to follow ,includes simple ingredients and even adaptable if desired. The slight negative is slow cooking of course acquires more time compared to any other form of cooking; however its still well worth the effort. So, if you want to take a chance and create this yourself. Be sure to prep ahead and bake with aple time so that you too can enjoy a comfort dessert after supper. Just don't forget the vanilla ice cream!

Slow Cooker Apple Brown Betty
Slow Cooker Desserts By Jonnie Downing
Yield: 6- 8 quart oval crock pot
Cooking Time: 5-7 hours

3 pounds Granny Smith apples-peeled,cored and chunked
10 slices of white bread,cubed
3/4 cup packed light brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
Dash of salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter,melted

1. Wash,peel,core and cut the granny smith apples.

2. In a large bowl,combined the cubed bread,brown sugar,cinnamon,nutmeg and salt.Toss with the melted butter.

3. Place the cut up apples in the slow cooker and cover the apples with the bread mixture.

4. Cover and cook on low for 5-7 hours.Set at warming when done.Serve warm.Best served on day.Best with vanilla ice cream.

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