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My Little Snowfakes

Only two more days till December month starts and I'm so excited to test out Christmas recipes for one whole month :D.  This is the first December ever for my blog, so hopefully everything goes well and every one's excited to see some Christmas baking :P. So since there's only two more days left of November I thought I squeeze in one last recipe to show you folks :D.

I have always wanted to make these cookies ever since I saw a picture of them and I finally got to make them myself. When I started out it was pretty simple with just combining the ingredients together and waiting out the next day to completely chill. (The recipe calls for 6 hours but I didn't have that time since it was like 10 pm at night lol).

What's Your Attractive Treat?

Don't we all get attractive or seduced by at least one kind of baking treat in our lifetime, either seen through a bakery or homemade. Do you have some treat where you cant avoid and must get your hands on? or maybe you have more then one?

Lets Play A Game Of Dominoes, Anyone? :D

I was really looking into making a really fun,challenging and unique recipe, which is sometimes really hard to find with limited ingredients.At first I was going to look into making Christmas/seasonal recipes; however I thought I leave that for next month since that will be my first December with this blog. This blog will be brand new to Christmas seasonal recipes so I'm excited to show some really fun treats to the world.

So since that was left off the table of possibility I began to lean towards cookie recipes in my baking books. I came across a really cute idea with making cookies look like dominoes and that struck me has a challenge. So I shot out of my chair,whipped on the hairnet,tighten up my Christmas apron ( Yes! Christmas apron already out lol) and got in baking motion :D.

As I began the recipe it did start out in difficulty for me in beating butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon. Not a typical thing I see in recipes, but I followed the instructions. I definitely …

Personal Recipe Writing!

Recently figure out this whole writing out recipes properly from a really great post called "Recipe Attribution". Its really quite simple to follow and has a lot of comments from fellow bloggers , I found it very helpful for me to figure this all out.

So Ive decided to go back on all the recipes I have posted and write them in my personal  words while integrating my changes into them. Most will have the What I Did section removed and added into the recipes. For any fellow viewers using my recipes you will now get exactly what I make, so no confusing how to exactly do whats in the picture.Of course you can always bring your own ideas to the recipes like I have from the originals.Recipe blogging really is about trying new things and sharing your new ideas.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments!

Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies :D

This is a brownie everyone will want to get their hands on, especially the peanut butter lovers out there :D. Delicious combination of rich dark chocolate and smooth peanut butter, what's not to like about that. It has a great fudge like texture and a uniquely,beautiful appearance that will intrigue everyone. The recipe is so simple and actually gives you an added bonus of three different brownie versions for you to try out.

I think I might try out the Rocky Road Version next time I have marshmallows to use up and see where that takes me.However I warn anyone that makes any of these versions they are deliciously sweet and complication from eating them may be sugar rush and very full tummy lol :P. Have fun eating and baking those brownies!

Blog Award! And Cookies!

I have recently  been catching up on other blogger's  post updates and I saw that Valerie of Une Gamine dans La Cuisine had choose me and my blog as one of her 12 blog picks to passed on the "One Lovely Blog Award". Thank you Valerie for the kind words and I'm glad that I amazed you with my photos and process, that really means a lot from a fellow blogger :D.

Now the hard part I have to choose12 blogs and thats a toughy because their so many good blogs out their that I like.; however I think I'll go by  the blogs  I usually always visit. No real order here.

Unique Carrot Cake And Peanut Buttery Cookies

What has recently happen in the world of baking for me?
Well my aunt and uncle came for dinner on Wednesday night and I made sure to plan to make a delicious  dessert. On Tuesday afternoon, I  figure out that I would bake a carrot cake before tomorrow and do all the decorating the next day.

On Wednesday afternoon I chose to frost a one layer cake with just a simple cream cheese frosting. I left out the nuts all together and there decorating ideas. Instead I topped the cake and sides with chocolate shavings of Baker's Semisweet and White Chocolate using a vegetable peeler. For bigger shavings I learned a easy tip to warm up the chocolate in its wrapper by putting it in your apron pocket. Body heat does the trick and you end up with wider chocolate shaving depending on the chocolate you use.(Hershey milk chocolate does well).
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