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Dessert Mash-Ups:Cookies,Brownies and Bars Together At Last:Cinnamon Roll Cookies

No one can resist a cinnamon roll cookie,especially when they are based on the well-beloved sweet bun.This is a splendid mash-up that preserves the cherished flavors along with creating a new treat.It is an revision that keeps it simple for everybody while delivering an artistic challenge.

This is a cookie that many novice bakers can make with straight forward directions along with essential advice.This recipe also incorporates ingredients that are low in budget and easily adaptable. This treat is also quicker to create then many cinnamon rolls;however it's not something to rush into since it's important to have these cookies chill to support appearance and texture.If time is ever an issue, I highly recommend to make them ahead of time along with baking them fresh the next day.Then lastly,a big bonus to the rolled cookie is they are mess-free compared to a sticky bun along with providing the same delicious flavors we all love.They are even more portable for us to enjoy and woul…

Dessert Mash-Ups: Cake & Cupcake Creations: Strawberry Pie Cupcakes

Strawberry pie cupcakes are a match made in paradise.An elegant as well as simple dessert that will surely impress your friends and family.Just gazing at this lush cake topped with juicy berries and butter cream frosting.You just cannot resist its charm!

This is a superb dessert mash-up with a beautiful presentation along with top notch flavor.This dessert is simple for anyone to create with easy to grasp directions along with a budget friendly ingredient list.These cupcakes are completely made from scratch with a basic yellow cake,versatile butter cream along with a quick strawberry filling made with fresh berries.This cupcake recipe opens up many design concepts and is entirely adaptable.Just envision all the classic pie's that could be constructed to develop an unique cupcake of your own.There is endless possibilities.

Although, this cupcake may be easy-going and full of ideas it can be challenging for some to produce.If you  make cakes often then it won't be as difficult to …
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