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Merry Christmas!,Elegant Christmas Wreath Cookies

I hope everyone has a great Christmas day, enjoying a special breakfast,opening gifts and indulging in a grand feast.This is the very day to enjoy the company of your friends and family along with serving them some homemade goodies.Everyone loves a new treat to enjoy this season and for this year I am serving my family Peppermint Twist Wreaths, along side a homemade batch of eggnog I made last night.These are definitely a crowd pleaser cookie just by their appearance.

Peppermint Twist Wreaths are quite unique and are well worth the effort to create them.They will impress your guests and they will wonder how you were even able to create such a design.These elegant cookies are also made with a pretty simple cookie dough, using very common baking ingredients and easy to follow directions.They are also a chilled cookie dough,which makes it ten times better to handle when creating the twist and wreath designs.The assembling part of this recipe is quite fun;however can…

Happy Christmas Eve!, A Last Minute, Santa Approved Cookie!

This is the time of year where you must not go without a batch of good fashion sugar cookies in your home.Its the most popular treat amongst this season, along with buttery shortbread.Everyone has their favorite version and brings their own twist to the beloved cookie.Its also Santa's favorite cookie to munch on when he visits your home Christmas eve night.So if you need an easy and last minute cookie recipe for guests and Santa.Be sure to check out this one,you won't be disappointed, gran-teed.
This is what you call your typical easy rolled out sugar cookie recipe.Its made with simple ingredients and guess what its a no chilled cookie dough.The directions are short and sweet,with a lot of room for adapting with your own ideas.Lastly,it gives you an simple glaze that is optional.

I love this cookie recipe just for the fact it doesn't have to be chilled.This is great because it gives you so much more time to put towards decorating and the kids don't have to wait to impati…

Kellog's Rice Krispie Cereal's Holiday Donation!

If you don't already know!, Kellogg's Rice Krispie cereal is given us foodies all across Canada a chance to create something really special this Christmas season. From October 1 to December 22nd,they are donating toys to the Salvation Army for every toy shaped treat that is made with their product and posted up on the Rice Krispies Canada's website.In their gallery you can see the out pouring of creavitity and generosity from all ages.

So when I saw all the great ideas I just knew I had to get on this cause and for the first time ever I made a Rice Krispie Christmas Train.I had the most fun decorating this treat and I'm happy I was able to give a child a toy for the holidays.

So if your interested in this worthy cause, be sure to pick up a box of Rice Krispie cereal preferably red and green and make your favorite toy.From their take your best photo and post it in their gallery.This will automatically have them donate $20 dollars to the Salvation Army and you will have a…

Cranberry Icebox Cookies Are A Great Choice This Holiday Season!

Its only 2 weeks till Christmas.So we have very little time for gift shopping and planning our holiday meals.So to help out with the festivities, I have a treat to share with all of you.I found this scrumptious Taste Of Home cranberry icebox cookie recipe that will be a sure fire hit with your guests this holiday season.Also, just think these beauty's would be great along side a homemade batch of eggnog.So are you convinced already to makes these?
Well I hope you are because this recipe even has simple ingredients and directions that anyone can follow.You really cannot go wrong with any of those traits.It's also quite adaptable to any one's likes and dislikes.For examples,the use of fresh or frozen cranberries,nuts,flavorings and even how the cookie's  are baked.I love the leeway in a recipe like this and given you the freedom to explore.Also I cannot leave out the fact that these are Icebox cookies,which means the dough is chill before baking.This makes it incredibly …

Is Meals In A Jar For Everyone?

Meals in A Jar,from Julie Languille is a recipe book that stems on the idea of stocking up your pantry with ready to cook meals.It includes many recipes to make for breakfast,lunch,dinner and even dessert.Its quite a creative recipe book and includes a lot of information on how to store food to last up to a year. Now, there is one question that has to be asked, is this cookbook for everyone?

Well in my opinion, I will have to answer this question with a, big no.This cookbook isn't for everyone because it actually targets a specific hobby.I feel this cookbook isn't tailored to a person that loves all the aspects of cooking especially the prep work and the use of fresh ingredients.For me, its not well suited to my lifestyle because its difficult to afford the equipment to store the meals and the ingredients are excessive in most recipes.So with just this aspect it has made it quite difficult for me to test out most of the meals in this cookbook, even without storing them.So, in t…
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