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New Years Eve.How Time Flys

Its crazy that its already new years eve and this year is coming to an end.So for a final goodbye to 2012 I thought that I should share how grateful I am for all the positive things that have happen throughout this year.I have been given so many great opportunities this past year,especially in the blogging world with all the recipe reviews,books and even product testing.It was lots of fun to try out something new and learn how to be a better reviewer. I may not of been able to accept every review offer;however I tried my best to fit everything in this year and I'll tried even hard for this brand new year that awaits me.

I have so many fond memories for this past year,especially as a blogger.However their are two that really stick out for me.I had lots of fun making my own homemade soda's and my favorite would have to be the orange creamiscle.Also, testing out the Dairyland products was really interesting,especially making my own vanilla ice cream and chocolate mousse.They were …

Dairyland Review:Chocolate Mousse.Delicious Christmas Dessert!

Need an impressive and crowd pleasing dessert to finish off your Christmas dinner with success.Well how about a delicious chocolate mousse that is so rich and creamy that your chocolate adorers will love you for it.Its so simple to follow that anyone could make it and its definitely well worth the time and effort to create it.This was the first time ever making chocolate mousse and I was excited that it came out exactly how I pictured.

The recipe was super easy to follow and the ingredients were really simple as well.All I needed was egg yolks, sugar,chocolate, heavy cream and vanilla to create this masterpiece.In the end, I had a extremely creamy and airy mousse that was rich with chocolate.I loved it so much that I definitely have to make it again and its nothing without a little dollop of Dairyland whipped cream aerosol at the top.

Now to give kudos to Dairyland Heavy Cream.This mousse would not be able to come together without whipped cream. It helped create that rich flavor and cre…

Dairyland Review:Sour Cream Banana Bread.Great As a Gift!

Do you want a quick holiday treat to give as a gift?Well how about a delicious and quick to make banana bread.Its so easy that you can make it to freeze until the big day or bake it before Christmas.Its definitely a great gift and whoever you give it to will certainly appreciate the work you have put into it.

This kind of quick bread is also good on the budget and easily adaptable.Meaning you can remove and even put additions to the bread.If you want chocolate chips, nuts, fruit etc in this banana bread then go for it.For me, I kept it pretty simple with the ingredients and only cut out the nuts.The direction were easy to follow and the ingredients were simple as well.The recipe in itself gets an A+ from me and definitely recommend it.

Now for the Dairyland ingredients that were used in this recipe such as the European Style butter and regular sour cream.They definitely delivered in this recipe because they are the fat content in the banana bread that help create the bind and texture of…

Dairyland Review|:Light Chocolate Brownies

I'm back again with a new recipe where you can use Dairyland Fat Free Sour Cream to help create a light chocolate brownie.Now I know this season is all about enjoying the sweet treats and comfort food;however if you want a recipe that is a little healthier this season then try out light recipes.You might find something you really love!
 Now this recipe that I used fromMarthaStewart online does cut out a few important ingredients that are in most popular brownie recipes.So don't expect a heavy fudged texture brownie with this recipe if that's what your really looking for. This recipe is all about creating something a little lighter on the waistline and stunt your chocolate cravings.It uses homemade apple sauce to create sweetness to replace the sugar.Then we have the canola oil and sour cream for our fat content to create texture. In the end you have a rich chocolate flavor with a hint of apple and then a tender cake-like texture.Overall, its an interesting brownie and gets …

Dairyland Review: Lemon Softies

These little lemon softies are delicious and are a great recipe for this holiday season.They are quick and easy to make and use pretty basic ingredients.For this actual cookie I was able to incorporate Dairyland European Style butter and Regular Sour Cream into the recipe.These ingredients are super important for the overall texture and flavor of these softies.So are you wondering how easy this recipe really is?

Well to break it down for you it only includes five directions for the whole recipe. So I can see everyone making this cookie recipe and it doesn't even matter what level you are at in baking.So I feel the recipe itself gets two thumbs up from me.

Now for the ingredients that work so well together to create layers of flavor and texture.The Dairyland butter and sour cream are what create that rich flavor;however more importantly give us that soft and tender texture we need in these lemon softies.Then we have the lemon zest,which creates that lemon flavor we love so much along…

Dairyland Review: Three Layer Dip

Do you need a simple and impressive dip this holiday season? Well I have a delicious three layer dip that you can make with very little time and money.So are you interested yet? Well if you are.Then lets jump in because all you need to impress your guests is a great glass dish to showcase this dip.Its all about simple ingredients that work together.

Anyways, We all want to get on to the recipe, right?. Well all you need to do is simply layer, layer and more layer.So first off you want use store bought or homemade salsa for the bottom layer and then go with Dairylands Low Fat Sour Cream for the middle.Its just has rich and creamy as their regular and better on your waist line.Then to tie it all up in a nice neat bow, sprinkle on some chopped green onion and grated cheddar cheese.Its as easy as that with simple ingredients and no measurements.From there you can serve it right away with some delicious Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips or refrigerate for the next day.

Its a full of flavor dip t…

The Artisan Soda Workshop Final Review :Fizzy Teas,Floats And Alcohol Enhanced Dazzlers

The next chapter after "Seasonal Studs" is called  "Aqua Fresca And Shrubs". These sodas are all about utilizing watery fruits and shrubs to create unique drinks. This chapter however includes too many ingredients that are either expensive or too hard to find.So instead of making a recipe from this section I chose to wrap up the entire review with the last chapter called "Fizzy Teas,Floats And Alcohol Enhanced Dazzlers" .This includes some of the more grown up fun drink to try out!

So in this chapter,It explains to me that all these recipes are about going beyond the basics.By making unique soda's by using ingredients such as tea,coffee, chocolate and strong alcohol etc.So your probably wondering what choice I made for a recipe review.Well to be perfectly I ended up making  two different recipes that both have the same important component.If you guessed that it has something to do with chocolate then your, totally right.I ended up making a chocolate so…
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