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Sensational Buttercream Decorating:50 projects for luscious cakes,mini-cakes and cupcakes By Carey Madden

Courtesy of Sensational Buttercream Decorating: 50 Projects for Cakes, Mini-Cakes & Cupcakes by Carey Madden, 2014 © Reprinted with publisher permission.
Sensational Butter Cream Decorating Cookbook is full of insightful knowledge on every question you may have about cakes and decorating.Carey Madden has created her very own go to cake bible that consists of step by step directions, along with beautiful detail photographs to create impressive cakes.This hard cover, includes delicious cake recipes,a highly flexible meringue butter cream and great tips to handle decorating challenges.So once anyone opens this recipe book they will see how much information it really consist of and will be overwhelmed with how much knowledge they will take away from it.

This cookbook starts off as beginners basic and continues to challenge the reader.For me I love that aspect of starting over and learning brand new ideas.It has given me great tips and hints to create future cakes and h…

Dining Out At Home:Part Two:Peanut Butter Parfait Bars

Summer is approaching very quickly and were all in desperate need of a bit of sunshine, along with relaxation.Therefore, when sunny whether arrives I have a delectable chilly treat that will help you beat the heat and enjoy at your next barbecue.Just imagine how impressed your family and friends will be when you pass out these homemade Peanut Butter Parfait Bar's for dessert.Amazement!, I am sure.

Peanut Butter Parfait Barsare a beloved dessert from Dairy Queen,that includes a combination of vanilla ice cream,peanuts,hot fudge sauce and draped in semisweet chocolate.This is my favorite treat from this restaurant and continues to be the very recipe that motivated me to reviewDining Out At Home Cookbook Two.I just hungered to learn how to construct my own parfait bar and I am so glad that Stephanie Manley had the first hand knowledge from her work experience.She has shared her creative wisdom throughout this recipe and I am grateful for this knowledge.Also, if you have never experie…
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