Monday, August 30, 2010

Try Out Some Whole Wheat Pizza

I have always wanted to try out a whole wheat pizza dough so I altered my "Fermipan pizza" recipe. I doubled the dough up for two large round pizzas and put half of each flour( whole wheat and all purpose). The recipe was still easy as ever and adding whole wheat cause no issues. The dough risen beautifully and the color of the whole wheat gave a great rustic look. 

Do you prefer 100% whole wheat dough or a combination?

For me, I prefer the look of whole wheat then all purpose flour;however white flour really helps with preventing the dough becoming to crunchy and chewy. Whole wheat really bring more flavor to pizza and I can imagine it tasting really good the next day.I cant wait to try some and have all the flavor absorbed into the pizza dough.

Does anyone else like pizza the next day or find that its better?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Which Blog Comment System Do You Like?


I have just recently been looking into new comment systems for my blog that can integrate with blogger.I have noticed google/blogger comment box doesn't have somethings that would be beneficial to bloggers such as direct reply to comments and added bonuses from other systems. In the future, maybe blogger will have some really great updates for the comment box that will make it even easier to keep in contact with follow readers.

So far from what Ive researched there are 3 different systems that can integrate with blogger and other blog systems. I tried two of the three systems on my blog. One was intense debate, which has really great features, but somehow it didn't work for me and caused errors.Then I also tried dique comment system, it installed quickly,simple to follow and had extra  features I could chose to add. When I installed the system to blogger it did make all my previous comments disappear, but I was insured it doesn't actually delete any of the comments .It advised me that I had to revisit my account and import my old comments. It said it takes about an hour or so to import the comments depending how many you have on your blog. My blog had about more then 20 comments and it didn't take that long at all. After that it was perfectly running and looking great.

Disque is my choice for a better comment system, but I might try out intensedebate again and see if it works since it has more features.

For all my follow readers and newcomers.My comment system is relatively simple to follow and I can now directly reply to your comments.I hope this system makes it more fun and simpler for everyone.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blueberries And Cheesecake,Cant Miss This

I have been looking through this recipe book made from a u-pick blueberry farm called Steld Farm. My family went up there to get some blueberries and did they ever get a ton of berries.So I decided to make something with the blueberries and I chose cheesecake dreams ,which are pretty much smaller pieces of cake.

Its Award Day Fun

Thank you again, Living Food Junkie for "The Versatile Blogger"

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The 7 Thing You May Not Know About Me:

1.I love talking politics and discussing issues.
2. I am engaged to a great guy(David).
3. I'm extreme worry wart, but dont show it that much.
4. I'm advice giver and really try to understand peoples issues.
5.I am very loud and some times dont notice I am.
6. I make a lot of jokes and is sometimes sarcastic,but only around friends that can take it.
7.I ramble a lot in talking and writing,but have learned to simplify.

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Happy 101 Award

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Top Ten List Of Happiness

 1.Baking/Cooking:People say were allowed to have one addiction in life and what they mean by that is were allowed to have something were purely passionate about that is positive to us. I have chosen what my addiction is, but have you?. Baking has always brought me to positive heights when I am feeling low and it has never let me down.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chocolately Treats

These are some deliciously chewy, rich and chocolaty cookies with the recipe found at the back of the President Choice chocolate chunk pkg.I just had to try them out and they were surprisingly good for the back of the package recipe.There is another package in the house for swirl chips(black and white chocolate) that I'll be definitely trying out, but not the recipe on the back since I have no coconut and no one likes it here.So I'll be checking out recipe for those to make something creative. I carry out this recipe to a tee and didn't change really anything to it. So I recommend trying it out yourself and adding your own touches to it.

Blueberry Delights

 Since the beginning of the summer ,I have been looking into buying a tart pan so I could try out all these wondering recipes I have seen.So guess what? I found a medium size tart pan at a thrift store for only $2.It was definitely a great find and was in great shape.All it needed was some hand washing and it was good as new.

There is also something else,I went back to the same place again later in august and I found 2 large tart pans for 1.50 each and ended up getting them 2 for one.The tart pans weren't as good in shape and had small rusty marks here and there,but perfectly usable.When your looking for cheaper items that have been peruse, you have to take some negative and make a decision if it really makes much difference to brand new product.

I really like finding baking equipment at thrift stores because its seem more of an accomplishment to look through and find something great in the end.Sometimes you don't, but it really pays to look around because you never know what may be lurking under something. I haven't yet use the larger tart pans yet;however Ive used a mini muffin pan bought in the past for "blackberry muffins" and the medium tart pan for this recipe.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Picnic

On Sunday ,me and Krysta planned a friend get together, which was a picnic and swim at our nearest lake.We had about 8-9 people show up and everyone pitched in to bring some food. It was full of laughter, amusement and catching up on old times.Krysta has a couple interesting posts about the picnic.Including
photos turned into cute doodle art.

For the picnic, I made some homemade salsa and  dill dip to go along with some tortilla mini rounds.I also had homemade baking, which included blackberry mini muffins and "Rich And Fudge Brownies" .The brownies and mini muffins were eaten in no time at all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blackberry Creation

 These are some delectable "Wild Blackberry Turnovers" that me and Maggie(sister) made for a Thursday night dessert. We chose to make a blackberry filling turnover because we had lots of frozen blackberries that were freshly picked a few days before. I made the dough part of the recipe, which is a pretty simple dough.This isn't a puff pastry that is usually made for turnovers.Its a simpler and less time consuming pastry for people that want turnovers in quick time like me and Maggie.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deliciously Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are my  favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe thus this far and has everything you want in a cookie.They are thick and chewy, with crunchy edges and deliciously moist centers.They have intense rich chocolaty flavor and are wonderful for the milk dunkers around. I love cookies that are excellent for drinking with milk. I'm glad I stumbled upon "Thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies" from a great blog called rhubarb whine that has some really awesome baking and cooking recipes,I recommend everyone to check it out.

Baking And Swimming Adventures

I made these delicious rich "peanut butter brownies" to bring along to a swimming adventure at the nearest lake with my boyfriend David and two friends(Chrissy and Krysta);however some were eating before and then I forgot to bring the rest to my friends.So the only people that got to try them out was me and David,but we were impressed by them. I will have to make sure to bake another item for our next adventure on Monday for them to enjoy, which is another brownie recipe posted here.