Monday, June 23, 2014

My First Homemade Fondant Cake!!!

It was just my nephews 7th birthday party this passed weekend and I took on the responsibilities of making his themed Mine craft birthday cake. So, with many ideas bouncing in my head prior I knew that this was the best time to take on the challenge of making my very own fondant.

So, for his birthday cake I used a very basic chocolate cake recipe,which I doubled to make two 9 by 13 cakes, along with cutting them into 24 individual squares.Then I made a very simple butter cream frosting to give a light icing on the cakes themselves.Then lastly, to decorate the cakes I used Wilton's Homemade marshmallow fondant to create the mine craft characters.

 The fondant definitely took time to create and was very hands on challenging.For example, my hands were pretty sore after kneading in 8 cups of icing sugar to 1 pounds of melted marshmallow;however it was well worth the effort to get the flawless appearance on these cakes.I put in a lot of hours to create this cake and I definitely learned some brand new skills to put towards my next decorated cake.I am also very excited how well these cakes turned out and it was awesome to see how impressed my nephews friends were when they saw them.It made it all worth it to put my time into!

So I definitely recommend to make homemade fondant for your next birthday cake.Its really easy to make along as you are in for the challenge of kneading.Its supposedly tastes way better then store bought and definitely cheaper.Also, its awesome to use to create figures and characters to match a theme.Its a lot of fun to get involved and create with fondant.So for me I"ll be definitely using my leftover fondant to use for the next birthday cake.It should be exciting! Also,If you have any questions about making this fondant? etc Just comment here on my blog or ask on The Art Of Baking page!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Dining Out At Home Two:Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day;however many of us cut it out, due to our busy lives.So to fix that issue Dining Out At Home Two has shared some special meals that you can easily make on your own that everyone will enjoy.This chapter includes delicious homemade recipes for waffles,omelets,pancakes and even for the popular egg McMuffin.So you better get ready to reintroduce breakfast in your morning because I want you to get your energy back and enjoy a healthy meal.

So for me,I chose to make the unique and creative Banana Bread French Toast that is inspired by the successful IHOP Restaurant.This meal is as simple as making any french toast;however this time its made with your favorite homemade banana bread to create a new flavor and texture.This recipe is very quick to make and the directions are simple to follow.There is tons of room for adaption and creativity that you can easily change the toppings or double the recipe.I just love having this opportunity in recipes to easily change and bring my own ideas to the table.

So now we all want to know how this unique french toast tastes? Right? Well when I took my first bite I was really surprised how moist and fluffy the bread was.It was still crisp on the outside as french toast should be;however it was completely different to any french toast I have experienced. The texture was heavy,chewy and very moist, along with having a buttery, banana flavor.It was also quite sweet and this kind of french toast soaks up the topping flavors very quickly creating a very aromatic meal.Its definitely a french toast you have to try for yourself and see exactly what I mean for yourself.Overall,I give this recipe and flavor experience a two thumbs up.

So now I challenge you to make yourself breakfast tomorrow or at least this weekend. Or right now you can share and let me know what your favorite go to breakfast meal is? Comment below or share on my Facebook page.I would love to hear about your unique and simple meals for breakfast.

The Recipe

Banana Bread French Toast
Adapted By Dining Out At Home Two
Makes 2 servings or double ingredients for 4 servings

2 large eggs
2 tbsp milk
4 slices banana bread
1 banana,sliced
4 tsp butter
4 tbsp caramel sauce
Whipped cream
Freshly grated nutmeg (optional)

In a medium bowl,I whisked the eggs and milk together.

Then heated my nonstick skillet over medium heat and added 1 tsp of butter for each slice of banana bread being cooked.

I dipped the banana slice in the egg mixture and coated both sides evenly.

Then I placed the slice on the skillet and cook it for about 1 minute each side,until browned and the egg was fully cooked.

Then I plated my french toast with slices of bananas, drizzle of butter syrup and a sprinkle of nutmeg to serve.

IHOP Version: Bananas,caramel sauce,whipped cream and freshly grated nutmeg.
My Version:Bananas,butter syrup and nutmeg.