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Delightful Blueberry Crisp

I really wanted to make a recipe with blueberries since we've got local u-pick blueberries that we froze for baking use.So what uses lots of delicious berries and is super easy to make, BLUEBERRY CRISP, that is.
Whats funny is I didn't even know that I have never made a crisp or even a cobbler since I started this blog.Well for everyone that has been deprived of crisps and cobbler I have got one down and another to go :). Here are a few pictures I took during my baking.Enjoy

I really do love crisps and cobblers especially the variety of toppings used.This blueberry crisp has a great crunchy, buttery, flaky crust and absorbs a lot of the fillings flavor. The oatmeal is the best part of this topping and gives great texture.This topping holds up really well overtime and next time I make this I'll add more topping because its so good.
The filling is however the most important part to this kind of dessert.The right fruits and ingredients need to be used for the best results.For…

Summer Strawberry Cake

This is the best Strawberry CakeI have ever eaten and I didn't even use fresh strawberries. They were actually local strawberries we picked and then froze for baking.These are of course ten times better then any frozen fruit or strawberries found in the stores.I would highly recommend using  fresh strawberries for this cake for the best flavor;however frozen is just as good because it helps keep the fruit from going bad and you always have fruit on hand for baking.Yes, it will compromises the flavor a bit, but not enough to have your fruit go all mushy and gross, Yuck!. So freeze your strawberries, blueberries, bananas etc especially big batches.

Anyways,this cake was super simple to make and uses very little ingredient.I really like simple homemade baking with lots of flavor and some fun thrown into it. That's what you get in this recipe and nobody will be disappointed if you bake this beautiful cake.This would be a great recipe for someone that's never baked before to l…

6 Bittersweets Digital Kitchen Scale Giveaway!

Recipe Shout-Out 3 and Digital Kitchen Scale Giveaway!
6 bittersweet is having a great giveaway for someone to win a red Escali Primo Multifunctional Kitchen Scale.This scale would be an awesome gift for a passionate cook, baker or to keep for yourself. This scale is a great size and switches between grams and ounces, which is useful for baking recipes that measure ingredients by weight. If your interested, you should definitely check out her giveaway and get your entry's in before August 20th. Its coming up close!Good luck. Open to U.S.A And Canada.

Robin Hood Baking Cookbook Giveaway at Leslie Loves Veggies

Robin Hood Baking Cookbook {Giveaway} US & Canada - Leslie Loves Veggies

Win a Robin Hood Baking Cookbook at $29.95 value.Its great for beginners and experts!Robin Hood has great baking ingredients and books :).This would be a great gift for someone that loves to bake or keep it all to yourself.Whatever the case maybe, if your excited about this giveaway.Head on over and place your entries.Lots of ways to enter!

Beautiful Feather Earrings!

I received a lovely giveaway winning in the mail yesterday. I got a pair of feather earrings from Crazy Fox Studios. I am in love with all her pieces and this is one of them. I love the blue colors and I think my friend Krysta is going to be jealous of them because her favorite color is blue :).I have really started to get into feather earring since I got pair of beautiful dark purple feather earring from Dave as a gift.I'm excited to add more to my earring collection.

These earrings are beautiful and very well made.I have to give a big thank you to Linda who put so much work and creativity into her jewelry. Your gift wrapping and message were so sweet. I am also glad you loved the comments I gave on the giveaway. You deserve it!. I will definitely enjoy these earrings and show them off as much as I can.

Rocky Road Brownies And Monkey Bread

I made some sticky sweet treats and they are super easy to make, plus a lot of fun to decorate.I haven't made rocky road brownies in a long time. I actually think It was one of my first few recipes I did for this blog. If I look back I can imagine my photo taking skills are a whole lot different.From this picture you can see that the brownies are very dense and fudgy, while chewy and crunchy.A picture can say something 10 times better then any of the words that I could use.That's why I love taking food pictures.

These are very sweet brownies and that basically controls your intake.They are one of those once in a blue moon recipes to make.Great summer recipe ,especially for picnics. So if you crave marshmallows, chocolate and nuts, this brownie is for you.Lots of fun to make, very little ingredient and children will love to sprinkle on the toppings.

Rocky Road Nut Brownies ( Adapted From Rocky Road Brownies, Martha Stewart)
1/2 cup margarine(soft or hard) 1 1/2 cup semisweet cho…

Summer Weather And Candy In The Mail,Makes A Happy Day!

Woo! Back to blogging again.Its super nice out today and summer has finally showing it self in the middle of august. Maybe this means it will be warmer in September, cross fingers. Just recently went swimming with Dave and my good friend Krysta, that was a lot of fun and the lake was so warm :). B.C summer weather can be so nice if it shows it self more. In other news I've been working on a couple recipe posts that will be up as soon as I get my writing groove back for reviewing.

Also, mail was pretty obsolete all last week and this week has been pretty dry as well, except today I received something pretty awesome. I got my sample promotion from Maynard's Face book Page. They gave me a 170g bag of Maynard blush berries.I love their candy and my favorite from them is the Swedish berries, but these berries are now my second favorite :). They are so yummy and incredibly addicting that its hard to control not eating the whole bag for yourself.They are strawberry flavored and shape…

No new posts till I get back.

Hey Followers, friends and viewers,
If anyone's noticed that I haven't been making any recent post, its because I am house sitting right now with my sister for our older sister from august 1st-august 7th. I will be back blogging as soon as possible and I have a baking treat already lined up to share. So just wanted to keep everyone up to date on everything and everyone have a great day!.
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