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Sweet Delightful Apple Shortcake

Saw this lovely shortcake in one of my books called "sweet food By Kay Scarlett" and Ive actually made this recipe before in the past before I ever started a blog.Its quite delicious from what I remember of it in the past.
 This isn't your sorta regular cake recipe where you mix up the batter, pour into a cake pan, layer it with apples, top it off with more batter and then bake.This recipe is quite different with dealing with making a dough and layering fruit .For me its seems more like a flaky apple strudel in sense of its texture and how its put together;however it's a shortcake as well.

Cutest Doodles Ever!

Today, when I sign on to Msn messenger, I was welcomed with a really nice surprise from my good friend Krysta. She sent me the cutest doodle/drawings ever and I had to definitely share them with everyone that follows my blog .

Canadian Weblog Exclusive Interview

I got asked from the creator of Canadian Weblog AwardsIf I would like to do an Exclusive interview for my blog and the interview has been up on the site since June 21, 2010.

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Exclusive Nominee Interview with BerendinaDykemaof The Art of Baking
It all started when I sent an e-mail to the website asking how they chose who to interview and pretty much the creator told me she picks randomly to be as fair as possible and sometimes gets offers.Then in that time of her explaining how it works she asked me if I wanted to do an interview and I accepted the offered .
I was very excited to write and have my interview up there for everyone to see.I'm very impressed by the CWA and how they help give light to Canadian blogs that might of been hidden from the eyes.So I was honored to do the interview and bring light to my own blog and inspire others.
Check out the Canadian Weblog Awards. Nominate your favorite Canadian blog,read the interviews and check out all the amazin…

Father's Day Fulled With Homemade Pizza And Cookies

Father's Day began with me and my sister serving breakfast to our parent's and giving our creative cards to our dad.My sister gave him a shirt and my plan was to make him a apple cake for dessert;however that's not how it worked out because I so tired and ended up falling asleep for a while. So my mom ended up baking the apple cake and I made dinner along with a sweet treat later in the day. I chose to make two thin crust pizzas and chocolate chip sugar cookies.

In the time I was making the cookie dough my sister phoned my mom and invited all of us to her place for a Father's day dinner.So I began to rush to finish up the cookies and prepare the pizzas to be cooked at my sister's because there wouldn't be enough time. At my sister's the pizza's came out wonderfully along with the delicious food she made for the dinner.The pizza was eating all up and so were the 2 dozen cookies I made.I was very happy that everyone liked the baking and it certainly was …

Pizza Pinwheels For My Sister's Birthday

I made some delicious mini pizza pinwheels on Friday night that I brought along to my sister birthday party the next day.Everyone really loved them and gave me compliments in how good they were. I made about two dozen pinwheels and they were all devoured before the night was over. I was very happy about that since I don't want any food to go to waste;however I know that anything pizza related will be eaten in this house anyways. I had a lot of fun though, playing with my niece and nephews outside and enjoying the beautiful weather were finally getting here on the island.Lots of good food and good times with the family.

Bob The Builder Cake With Gift

Found this really creative digger cake from an awesome website called EasyCakeIdeasalong with some other ones that I would love to try out in the future especially this one called thePirate Ship Cake.This lady has got some really creative ideas for beauitful cakes such as for kids,adults,themed,holiday or just a cake for anytime of the day. I recommend checking out her website and trying some of the recipes for yourself.
I tried out the bob the builder cake, which I gave my nephew for his 3rd birthday.He got the toy front loader for a  birthday gift and some chocolate cupcakes, which were made to look like rocks.It was a lot of fun to assemble and it was pretty simple baking. I used my own chocolate cake recipe, which was a simple chocolate mayo cake and everything else I followed to her recipe. Their is some art to craft work involved with this cake, involving the characters, which includes finding printablebob the builder characters,coloring and gluing.All in all it is a really fun c…

Twist On A Basic Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

These are the same basic oatmeal cookie from Debbie Mumm cookie tin recipes; however with a little twist on the delicious cookie.This time I made them into thumbnails and placed one caramel candy treat on each cookie.They brought a wonderful chewy texture surprise and really made them a beautiful appearance.So try them out for yourself, enjoy.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip With Honey Cookies

These are your basic oatmeal cookie recipe with added of swirled(black & White) milk chocolate chips added for sweetness, texture and appearance.This recipe comes from"Debbie Mumm Old-Fashioned Cookies Recipe Card Box"and its a wonderful simple cookie that can have any extra treat added to it.So enjoy!

What I Did: Added 1/2 cup milk chocolate chipsOptional: Ive made them with swirl chips ,which is black and white chocolate.

Ginger Spice Cookies

These ginger spice cookies just scream out holiday cookie,especially in the Christmas season.However you can definitely make and bake them anytime of the season.They have a wonderful mixture of spices that work so well together in the baking process and have a great attractive appearance.I was very much eager to make this recipe because I have never baked or eaten a ginger spice cookie/gingersnap.I was very surprised how delicious these cookies were.

The recipe was very simple to follow and I only altered a small part for the making of my cookies, involving the topping.( See: What I Did) The cookies had a wonderful spice aroma and a great crunchy,soft ,and crumbly texture.The taste was mildly sweet with a strong spice of ginger and cinnamon.They are great for holidays and giving away as gifts for Christmas, birthdays or any special event.So enjoy the cookies.
Ginger Spice Crisscross Cookies (Adapted From Ginger Spice Thumbnails From Debbie MummOld fashions Cookies)

Printable Version

1/2 …

Party All The Time

I was really craving a sweet,crunchy and salty treat on Saturday night and the idea popped into my head, caramel popcorn.So I search for a good 10 to 15 minutes for a good recipe and I found this great recipe called How to make caramel popcorn by Christine Benlafquih.I was really attracted to this one because the lady that posted the recipe showed how to make a simple syrup to replace corn syrup and to my luck I had no corn syrup with me. So I was really happy to see there was something extra to the directions and I was so glad that it was for a large batch of popcorn because it always gets eaten so fast.

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