Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pack Full Of Flavor For Your TasteBuds

 A few days back,I was trying to find some baking I have not done in awhile to bring along for a random hang out with my boyfriend/fiancee.Calzones then popped into my head and I knew that he would love them.I also then realized why I don't make them all that often because they do take some time to make and sometime can be frustration with filling or putting together.This time when I made them wasn't a exception to the frustration I had with putting them together. It just wasn't my day in baking, but I pulled through and did the best I could in making them without totally giving up.

All was well though because David was impressed by them and we ate seven of the mini calzones.The eighth mini calzone went to my little nephew(Mathew) before we left because he ask me" what are those Dini?, I want one"*giggle* *big smile*.I would say hes my best critic and loves all the cookies or pizza related baking I do.It brings happiness and achievement when given a compliment, big smile, or just a simple "yummy" from a person when they try out your baking.It really means your skill and handwork has paid off in the end when someone else enjoys it as well.

Beat The Summer Heat With These Cookies

Made some delicious batch of cookies with no baking intended.They are simple to make and great for beginner bakers to try out. Its has simple ingredients and measurements, with very little mess to clean up. Its a kid friendly recipe, as long as the cookie dough/batter is cooled enough so no little ones get hot hands if they help out measuring the cookie dough. These are a children cookie favorite because there unique and fun to make. There are deliciously rich and chocolaty with a chewy texture of the oatmeal. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cupcakes And 19th Birthdays

 On Sunday night, I attended my friend Krysta's 19th birthday adventure along side two of our good friends and her close family members. We all showed up to a neighborhood pub and began choosing drinks for the birthday girl to try out. I also bought along cupcakes I made special for her birthday and eventually when she became drunk enough she began to say they looked like cupcake breasts because of the chocolate in the middle. We all found that pretty hilarious and how bubbly she was the whole time.

Krysta, friends and everyone else that tried out the cupcakes all gave really positive compliments and Krysta was so happy I made her baked good for her birthday, she kept thanking me. I also bought art supplies for her as a gift to try out and showcase some work on her blog.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Girly Nature Cupcakes

I made these lovely butterfly cupcakes and brought them along to one of my family member's birthday at the beach/park. It was beautiful warm weather,great time for swimming and spending time with family.The cupcakes were a hit and had positive compliments.My family thought, how cute the butterfly tops were and liked the surprise of the added color and taste of the chocolate to the center of the cupcake.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Homemade Fry Bread

Recently, I  remembered how much I loved fry bread the first time I tried it during high school food class and I began to have the urge to try some again.So I searched through my binder for it and found the recipe from when it was made in a student demonstration in which I wrote down for marks. Its still in good shape and I was so happy I still had it for use.

It was really simple to follow in directions and had very basic ingredients being used. The frying or deep frying is probably the hardest part to the recipe;however that's based on if you have ever done it before. The best advice to frying is to not have the temperature to high ,but high enough to fry something quickly. If you don't follow this advice you most liking have oil spitting and your more liking to get a burn by the oil, which isn't a fun site .So try your best to keep safe when your frying or deep frying with oils or fats.

Look At These Jumbo Mambo Cookies

Another late night baking adventure in the kitchen and I came out making my first jumbo cookie recipe.They were definitely an success and were certainly delicious.The next day I brought them along when me and my boyfriend went for a picnic and swim at the lake. He certainly gave positive compliments on them and I love that he appreciates something I really love to do.

These cookies would be described as rich peanut buttery flavor with hints of rich,sweet chocolate chips.They are made with quick oats and no flour, the oats gave extra crunch that everyone seems to love in cookies. Now to the size ,I would say its about two medium sized cookies squished together and formed a mega size cookie.These jumbo's will satisfied your cookie and peanut butter cravings in their tracks

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Peanut Butter And Something Green

 I'm back with new photos,recipes and advice to post about! :)

 I whipped up these lovely peanut butter thumbprints a few days ago on a very summery hot day here in British Columbia,Canada and while your reading this you must be thinking she must be nuts, why is she baking on a warm day.Well I'll explain that,its because I was craving peanut butter and I am also addict to baking.I really cannot help it when I feel the urge to bake, even when I notice I  bake more and more late at night and follow through with it. The thinking pattern is somewhat of the passion that is growing in my mine and body.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Chocolatly Creamy Goodness

I absolutely love these cookies and they are especially addicting to munch on.The reasons why they are so tempting is for one their appearance, which resembles either a round ice cream sandwich or a thick Oreo whatever may be your idea on this cookie.Either idea for the cookie, hands down they will be devoured very quickly so I recommend doubling the recipe to keep your kids,family and guests happy.

I also found these cookies super cute because of their super tiny shape. So just to tell people that don't know me personally that I get a kick out of super tiny food or just anything, its probably a girl thing I'm sure.Tiny bakery items also makes you feel as though your eating less; however doesn't really count if you go back 2 or 3 times.