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Warm Up The Holdays With A Winter Yule Log

The holidays are nothing without a beautiful marble yule log to showcase this Christmas. Therefore to celebrate with family and friends,how about creating your very own yule log? Using Nordic wares exceptional cake pans.All you require is a simple and delectable yellow cake recipe as well as your own imagination.

So how about it? Well you're probably questioning yourself. How can I create this unique marble appearance? Well it's actually quite easy! It's simply dying half of the cake batter with a cocoa mixture. Followed by forming a pattern of each color of batter in the pan along with alternating with each layer. Lastly you have, the best part of swirling the colors to reveal a exquisite pattern. Once  completed,  you can decorate anyway you wish such as a simple dusting of icing sugar for a winter wonderland effect.Its really as simple as any other cake;however this one becomes a very decadent dessert.

So be certain to serve this lovely swirled cake this Christmas dinner …

Create A Winter Wonderland!!

 Do you aspire to design your very own Winter Wonderland this Christmas? Well, your certainly in the correct place because I have here, three very authentic recipes that would be a great addition to anyone's holiday display.

 So,how about a collection of 3D Christmas Tree Cookies that are prepared with a simple sugar cookie dough that would be lovely with a gingerbread house,a village and even a winter forest .Now if you desire something a little different there is also snowflake spiced cupcakes that can be easily constructed into tiny igloos for a north pole display.However,if these concepts are not your cup of tea.Then I know you definitely cannot resist a 3D Christmas Tree Cake,can you? This exceptional Christmas tree is made with a simple moist spice cake recipe along with using a special 3D Christmas tree cake pan.Even writing about it gets me energized!

Now I know these recipes may sound taunting;however trust me on this that they are simple to prepare as well as clearly worth…

Celebrate Flavor Infusion!!

Flavor infusion is all about creating your very own flavored oils and vinegars to enjoy in your home.They are simple as well as versatile, serving them as marinades, dressings,pesto's and even dipping sauces. The flavored vinegar's create a marvelous Christmas gift for friends and family, since they have a long shelf life.While the favored infused oils are best used once prepared such as a meat marinade or drizzled on salad at your next meal. These infusions are certainly worth a try since they are effortless to produce while including only two ingredients.They can be used with just about anything you can think of?

Just consider a simple Roasted Garlic Olive Oil that is purely made with garlic cloves as well as olive oil.I know you can think of many ways to add just that into your next meal!

Roasted Garlic Olive Oil

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
5 large garlic cloves,peeled and sliced in half lengthwise

I preheated my oven to 350F.Then placed the extra virgin olive oil in my smal…

Homemade Condiments:Mustards And Mayonnaise

Homemade condimentshas done it again with creating an inexpensive as well as delicious homemade recipe.This time it's the ever so popular mayonnaise that continues to be regarded as a stable in many households.This specific homemade version actually overshadows the commercial brand in its flavor,but still doesn't hit the mark 100% in thickness as well as appearance.However Jessica Harlan has offered us recipe enthusiasts something more beneficial.Just consider, not only mayo?,but variations such as Dijon,Dilly Horseradish,Tarragon and even Bacon mayonnaise.Those new flavours make you forget all about the differences in store brand and makes you want to make these yourself. These recipes are all super easy to make and if you have a food processor or even a mini chopper at your disposable it will get the job done quick.If not? A whisk is the good old fashion way! So how about  a BLT with homemade bacon mayonnaise,sounds mouth-watering doesn't it.

Bacon Mayonnaise!!

Basic Mayo
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