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Summer Giveaway:Win a Ronco Rotisserie

Wouldn't you love to get your hands on this for the summer.Well your in luck because Ronco Rotisserie is having a daily giveaway for the entire month of July for people to win their world famous Rotisserie.This item is worth $199,99 and all together they are planning on giving away $ 6,200 worth in prizes.Shipping is also free to the winner.So its definitely worth it to enter and win.Its known as the smartest and healthiest way of cooking.I would love to try it out!

So you might be wondering how is their giveaway set up? Well its super easy because all you have to do is head on over to Ronco Rotisserie Facebook Page and "LIKE" them.That's it!. Once you do that,you will be automatically entered into their daily draw from July 1st to July 31st.So the earlier you enter the more luck you will have at winning this lovely prize.So head on over to get your chance and also make sure to share with your facebook friends.If they win themselves,Ronco will make sure to recommend t…

Wilton's Cookie Pro Ultra 11 Press To Make Spritz Cookies

I have finally done my first set of spritz cookies, using a Wilton's Cookie Pro Ultra 11 Press.This gadget makes it so easy to make homemade cookies with a really fancy designs such as stars,trees,flowers, hearts etc.Once you get the hang of it with how it works It becomes a really quick process.Its easy to clean,has a nonslip silicone bottom and it offers 12 disk designs.The even cooler thing about this cookie press is you can easily make the cookies larger by pumping a second or third time.It really depends on what you want.Also you can decorate these little cookies with icing,sprinkles,melted chocolate or leave them as is.They are really unique looking either way.

So when I decided to make these cookies I made a recipe for a large batch of dough.I did this so I could make two different flavors,one almond and the other lemon flavored.I used a really good recipe from a trusty company coming book by Jean pare.There are lots of simple recipe in all those cookbooks and I really recom…
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