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Classic Snacks Made From Scratch:Fruit Filled Treats

These fruit filled treats known as Pop-Tarts have been very popular amongst children for many years and with adults as well.These sweet pastries from Kellogg's have been around since 1964 and surprisingly only started with four flavors on the market, including strawberry,blueberry,brown sugar cinnamon and apple current.These flavors all still exist to this day, along with over 20 different flavor varieties and limited editions   to enjoy.Wow!,that is a lot of flavors to enjoy and with this pastry snack being so popular. How can you pass up testing out a homemade version like the one above fromClassic Snacks? Can you resist?

Well it might all depend on the flavor, right? Well in Classic Snacksyou have two flavors to choose from, such as strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon.These two fillings already sound delicious;however if these flavors don't strike your fancy I can imagine you could easily enough use any filing that you desire.Now for me,I am a big strawberry lover so it was …

Classic Snacks Made From Scratch: Fruit-Filled Treats

In Casey's Classic Snack Cookbook,you definitely cannot pass up her chapter for fruit-filled treats.It's her homemade versions of these sweet treats that will impress everyone and have the smiles to match.This has to be true when it includes a handful of popular and beloved treats for all ages.Hold your excitement......... This chapter includes recipes such as Hostess's Drake's Cherry Pie,Fig Newtons,MC Donald's Apple pie,and even homemade Strawberry Pop-Tarts.Yummy! With just mentioning these treats, my mouth is watering and I  think you're already hooked in, Aren't you?

Well if you are? Then were all in the same boat because within a few seconds of looking throughout this chapter I already knew what I wanted to make.Its a very iconic and popular treat,known as MC Donald's Apple Pie Turnovers.These pocket pie's have been around for many years and I imagine everyone has at least tried one in their childhood.It could of been the traditional deep fri…
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