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Chocolate...Cherries... Whip Cream :D What's Not To Love?

It was my mom's 52nd Birthday celebration on Saturday with all the family coming over for turkey dinner and her blowing out the candles on the homemade Black Forest Cake I made her. This is my first attempt at ever making a Black Forrest and it was really delicious with very positive comments from the family. It doesn't have the best piping to most, but I'm learning to update my piping skills  with practice and create better works of art.

Doodles & Stories

Today, my awesome friend Krysta, who also has a creative blog about her artistic talents has made me a paper doll. I find her doodle super cute and I just had to post it as my face book picture and here on my blog,especially when you can see it involves baking.
For this doodle I made up a frictional story to go behind it. The rolling pin symbolizes my love for baking and I guess my character weapon of choice lol. My character is baking up cupcakes and David's character is attempting to steal frosting off of one of the cakes and maybe take a whole cupcake,  if its possible; however its too late for that because my character has whacked him in the head with a rolling pin and he is now seeing dancing cupcakes instead of stars. My character then holds up her rolling pin in triumph with a big smile, while dragging her significant other by the collar. It seems she has won this round in the kitchen.

I really like Krysta's little doodles, especially the ones involving real people becau…

Updates...... and more Updates

For all my fellow readers and follower, I would like you all to know that I have switched back to Google comments. The reason I did so was the previous comment systems I  have used both have problems and bugs involved with them. They may perfectly work for yourself or others;however it has caused problems for me. So anyone that has commented on my blog while I was using intense debate, I no longer have those comments on  here. If anyone knows how to import intense debate comments into blogger?, please comment!. It would definitely help. I saved my comments, but I have no idea if blogger has a import for comments.So if anyone knows please comment.

I have also recently been going through a lot of changes in my blogs template, looks and gadgets.I get bored easily with my blogs looks and begin messing around with it to make it better. So expect my blog to change a lot in looks but material wont change any.


Peanut... Peanut Butter :).......And Chocolate :D

I was really craving a combination of  peanut butter and chocolate :D,so I whipped up some Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chunk Cookies, which were really simple to make. I would even say they were spot on to a previous recipe post I made for Chocolate chunk cookies;except with the added richness of peanut butter.

Try Your Hand At Making Scone

I'm sad to say there's no photos of the "blueberry streusel scones" I made. Most of them were eaten, giving away and the two left , there was no camera in sight.I gave the rest to David to try out and he really liked them.He told me that they smell really wonderful and devoured two in no time.

They were relatively easy to make and I would recommend always using fresh blueberries like they say. I tried frozen blueberries and it made the dough very wet(purple color as well).It made it difficult to handle, but I was able to get it together and they still came out wonderfully.

They streusel topping made them smell like fresh cinnamon buns and the blueberries gave the quick bread a great balance of sweetness. They are really great to serve warm at breakfast and brunch.

Deliciously Tasty Blueberry Banana Bread

I was seriously craving some good old fashion banana bread and blueberries.So I looked up a banana breadrecipe off "The Joy Of Baking" and altered some ingredients along the way while adding an extra item of blueberries. 

 The quick bread was deliciously moist and cast off a wonderful deep aroma.The two fruits complimented each other so well and the flavors actually danced in my mouth. This banana bread, especially with the berries is so good warm with some butter spread on top while its absorbing into the treat. I recommend the recipe and adding your own touches to it.Add you own fruits that you love and create something that everyone will love.

What I Did: Added 2 cups blueberries and added some to the top.Eliminates the roasted nuts.Added less then a tsp of nutmeg.
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