Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Biscuits + New Cookook Review!

Wow! It's been such a long time since my last post and I certainly need to pay more attention to let everyone know what's going on.So to get you all up to speed on this past month. Mostly I have been working;however I have done a couple recipes,purchased new bake ware and even accepted a brand new cookbook to review. So by saying that, 2013 has been pretty great towards me and I say please send me some more luck!

So to start off this post with something interesting. You probably want to hear about this cookbook that I'm super excited to review for all of you.Well If your a fellow Facebook follower on my Art Of Baking page then you already know about this so called cookbook;however for the ones that don't know yet I will be reviewing Classic Snacks Made From Scratch.Its a cookbook that includes homemade recipe for popular snacks such as fruit roll up, ice cream sandwiches and even Twinkies.It has tons of recipes to choose from and will be arriving anytime in my mail box.I know many of you will be excited for this book review such as Suzie from Suzie The Foodie.I just know she would be interested in this kind of creative cookbook. So If your interested in seeing these recipes review.Subscribe to my blog or like my Facebook page to keep updated.

Now that I got your attention I have a recipe to share with all of you from a cookbook called Mastering the Art of Baking. This book includes lots of baking information,step by step directions and full of beautiful crisp photos. I just love the look of this entire cookbook and the first recipe I chose to make was for delicious Vanilla Biscuits.A simple and impressive cookie that would be excellent served with tea,coffee or hot cocoa.

These tiny biscuits are made with very simple ingredients such as butter, fine sugar,vanilla, milk and flour.That it all you need to make these delicious cookies on their own;however the recipe also offers variety of options to provide flavor and crunch.Such as nuts,chocolate,icing and even zest.Its a very adaptable cookie that you can add your very own creative enhancements.For me, I went with their idea of a dipped cookie that includes one part semisweet chocolate and one part white chocolate.It gave such a rich chocolaty flavor and definitely a fancy look.The ingredients and enhancements created a crunchy,melt in your mouth texture with a sweet sugar cookie flavor.

The directions themselves were also simple and would be great for anyone at any baking level.The recipe is all laid out step by step and include clear directional photographs.I had no trouble what so ever with this recipe and I love that each ingredient has its measurement in metric and imperial so you can memorize conversion in certain ingredients.It was also great because I was able to test out my scale more.

Overall this recipe is quick and easy and I shall mark it off as a go to cookie.Even the author Anneka Manning mentions that"Every cook needs a recipe such as this"Well I'm following your lead Anneka! and I recommend everyone else to try out this recipe. I only wish I did this recipe with step by step pictures for everyone.Well anyways here's my adaptable vanilla biscuit recipe from "Mastering The Art Of Baking"

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Biscuits (Adapted from Vanilla Biscuits Mastering The Art Of Baking)

125g (4 1/2 oz)  unsalted butter, softened
110g ( 3 3/4 oz/ 1/2c) superfine sugar
1 tsp artificial vanilla
60ml( 2 fl oz./1/4c) milk
150g (51/2 oz./1 c) plain all purpose flour
110g(3 3/4 oz/3/4 c) self raising flour

Preheat to 350F/180C

I greased and lined 1 large baking trays with parchment paper.

I used a electric mixer and creamed the butter,sugar and vanilla until pale and creamy.Then I added 2% milk and creamed until combined.

I sifted the two flours together and added it to the butter mixture on low speed just until combined.

I rolled the cookie dough in Tbsp sized balls and places on cookie sheet.

Flattened and use a fork to create crisscross figures on the top.

Baked for about 15-18 minutes. I say its best to always watch them and remove when no longer wet looking and slightly golden brown on the bottom.Will bake fast! Let cool on sheet before baking more cookies.

For Dipped Cookies:

Melt semisweet chocolate chips with vegetable oil.Use your discretion on how much chocolate you want. If you want 1/2 to 1 cup of chocolate chips add about 1 tbsp of oil or more.Then melt in a microwavable bowl for about 30+ second until melted and smooth.Should be thick glaze so it can coat the cookies.

Melt white chocolate chips with vegetable oil as well.Same principle with measurements as well.Melt in microwavable bowl as well for 30+ second until melted. 


Dip each cookie in the white chocolate first on one half of the cookie.Let set before dipping the second chocolate.Once set dip the dark chocolate only to cover a quarter of the side of the plain cookie.It will cover a part of the white chocolate. too Or If you like you can half and half and cover the entire cookie.