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Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Biscuits + New Cookook Review!

Wow! It's been such a long time since my last post and I certainly need to pay more attention to let everyone know what's going on.So to get you all up to speed on this past month. Mostly I have been working;however I have done a couple recipes,purchased new bake ware and even accepted a brand new cookbook to review. So by saying that, 2013 has been pretty great towards me and I say please send me some more luck!

So to start off this post with something interesting. You probably want to hear about this cookbook that I'm super excited to review for all of you.Well If your a fellow Facebook follower on my Art Of Baking page then you already know about this so called cookbook;however for the ones that don't know yet I will be reviewing Classic Snacks Made From Scratch.Its a cookbook that includes homemade recipe for popular snacks such as fruit roll up, ice cream sandwiches and even Twinkies.It has tons of recipes to choose from and will be arriving anytime in my mail box.…
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