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Mason Jar Salads & More By Julia Mirabella!

Mason jar salads and more by Julia Mirabella is an innovative cookbook that offers us readers resourceful methods to prepare healthy, make ahead meals.There are  plenty of delectable recipes that focus on salads along with a variety of meals for lunch,dinner and even dessert.This has practical knowledge we can all utilize to produce meals that we can quickly grab,along with making it affordable and time saving.This book is great for everyone because its involves simple ingredients and methods so that we can all enjoy a fresh homemade meal on the go.

I love this idea of making meals ahead of time,especially when you are running late for work/school and you refuse to waste your money on junk.So with these recipes they will actually help you stay on budget,save time and make health priority one.Also, a great bonus to most of these meals is they can stay fresh for up to a week refrigerated giving you the option to make multiple meals at a time.Just think making everyday meal…
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