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No Bones About It,These Cookies Are Bone Chilling, Good!


The spooky day is finally upon us and its time to celebrate.So whatever you may choose to do tonight, from dressing up,giving out candy,or attending a costume party.Be sure to leave room to make a homemade creepy treat for tonight because you don't want to miss out on making a scary and delicious treat,do you? Well I'll make sure that happens by recommending this simple and bone chilling bone yard cookie recipe.You will be quite impressed in the end.

For me,I was quite attracted by this recipe at the get go because I really wanted to take on the challenge of making bone cookies.It was also the picture in the magazine and the combination of ingredients that I couldn't resist.Just think? A sandwich cookie with jam in the middle with a coating of white chocolate,that sounds like a delicious creepy treat to me.So are you just as convince as I was to make this recipe.

Well lets start by breaking down this recipe with my experience.For me,I learned that th…

Keep an Eye Out For These Blood Shot Eyeballs!

Halloween is sure coming up close and I hope you find the time to make these creepy peanut butter bloodshot eyeballs. These are so quick and simple to put together that everyone can get involved in creating them,especially children.Lastly, they are really fun to decorate and just remember directions are never set in stone for decorating.So go as scary or gruesome as you want with this cookies

Now,Did I change anything in my decorating? Yes ,I actually did. For me, I created the bloodshot style of the eyeballs by using red decorating gel, which actually help me create a more control design that I desired.I also used chocolate chips to create pupils instead of a basic idea of black icing.This choice actually created more of 3D effect of pupils popping out of the eyeballs themselves.This became somewhat more of a creepy style then in the original recipe.So, in the end I was quite happy with my decorating choices.

So, did I make any changes in the recipe directions or ingredients? Well I ke…

Create Gruesome,Frightening Fingers This Halloween!

Impress your guests,family,and friends this haunting Halloween, by serving up these simple and gruesome finger cookies.These spooky treats can be enjoyed any time of the day,especially for a creepy dessert.Maybe, you could serve these fingers in ice cream with a drizzle of strawberry syrup to create a body part, bloody ice cream.Woooo... That already sounds pretty creepy to me and if you love to freak people out then you will definitely have fun with these cookies. Just think?  you can decorate these fingers as scary and as gross as you want.So, are you interested in making these yet?

Well first off, lets start by being completely honest about the recipe.For me, I was quite impressed with how simple,quick and direct this recipe was to make.I also love the fact that this recipe is quite adaptable because its merely a basic sugar cookie.So with a really simple recipe like this we have lots of leeway,which gives everyone a chance to expand creativity and change it.So for me,I was happy wi…

Spooky Halloween Mini Pumpkin Cakes

October, is the time to get in the spirit of making spooky, delicious treats for everyone to enjoy.This is where you can get really creative and there are no limits.So, to begin celebrating my spirit of Halloween, I have this  super simple recipe to make spooky applesauce-spiced pumpkin cakes, as shown above.These cakes can be decorated anyway you want from gruesome to just plain cute.Did I peak your interest? Well I hope so because this is a really fun and creative recipe that everyone would love to take part in.

So to begin,this recipe is really simple to follow in directions and has really inexpensive ingredients to create the cakes.The step are also simple enough for children to get involve in the recipe,especially the decorating process and it very easy to adapt to your liking.These aspect of a recipe I find to be very important in baking anything and its also a pretty quick treat to put together.Also, when I mentioned very adaptable,I mean this recipe just started out as a simple…

Final Review Of Classic Snacks Made From Scratch.

Classic Snacks Made From Scratch  is a very inspirational and nostalgic cookbook. You will walk down memory lane with the vast variety of recipes in this cookbook from cookies,cakes,fried foods, and even dips.These homemade snacks take on the brand name treats and so far surpass the originals.Casey Barber has created a winning cookbook and I'm proud to say this is my favorite book review so far.She has made me feel very confident on taking on brand new techniques like deep frying and comfortable with challenging recipes.The best parts about Classic Snacks is you learn more then you ever thought you would and it makes you feel excited to take on more creative recipes.So I feel you must go out and buy this book and try it out yourself.I have only tested out 15 recipes out of 70 and I already love this book.So if you have a favorite snack food then its most likely in this book and if not then you better get your creative juices flowing.

So all I have to say is thank you to Ulysses Pr…

Classic Snacks Made From Scratch: Final Chapter: Spinach Artichoke Dip Great For Thankgiving Dinner!

The very last chapter of Classic Snacks is dedicated to the popular dips and spreads, we all love.This is a great ending to this cookbook, since it includes recipes that compliment our favorite snacks foods.So, what is included in this chapter? Well, there is a great line up of homemade recipes for french onion dip,spinach artichoke dip,blue cheese dip,ranch dressing,port wine cheese spread,pimento spread and even Chez Wiz.So as you can see there is something for everyone and each recipe would be great to serve at a special event,party and of course Thanksgiving dinner.So for me,as you can see I tested out the Spinach Artichoke dip.

 There are so many recipe variations of this kind of dip and some can be simple,challenging and quite expensive.This recipe delves in all this aspects, without being too overwhelming.This recipe has very simple and detailed directions,where you feel very comfortable.It is also challenging in its own way,especially when your someone that is never made this d…
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