Monday, February 27, 2012

Clipix, The Best Way To Save And Share

Recently, I joined the world of Clipix. A place where I can easily save, organize and share all the great ideas I see browsing through the web. It’s all about creating clipboards for everything you save or want to look back on. 

For me it was really easy to start. All I had to do was drag their Clip button to my bookmark bar and click it whenever I saw something I liked. With this great tool I have created clipboards for recipes I want to try, craft ideas and cookware/bake ware I want. If you look below,this is one of my clipboards for recipe ideas. In the coming months, I can see myself creating more boards and filling them up. There are no limits; your able to create anything you like.

Clipix also has allowed me to control my privacy settings on each board. I can keep it private or share with others. Also I can’t forget to mention their Sync boards. It’s all about clipping together with your friends and family in one board. Everyone is able to see what you added in real time. Plus there is Multi boards where you can group boards. I’m very excited to see what else I can do on Clipix.

I definitely recommend everyone to visit and sign up for clipix. You can even sign up through your Facebook or Twitter account. Super easy! Also, be sure to leave a comment on this post on what you plan in using Clipix for? I love to hear!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dempster's Blueberry Bagels Review

 Recently, I received a freebie coupon for one package of any Dempster's Bagels.It was an offer they had through their Facebook page and web saver.It took a couple hours in waiting and some frustration working web saver;however I finally got it sent and It was definitely worth the effort.So, just yesterday I went out and got some bagels.There were lots of choices from blueberry,cinnamon raisin,plain,sesame,
everything, and 100% whole wheat.I chose their blueberry bagels  (See below)

This was definitely an excellent freebie coupon if you were one of the people able to snatch it up.Bagels definitely aren't cheap and the store I got mine from were $4.69, before tax.I was so glad to get mine free! If your one of the people that missed out on this offer.Don't fret, I always seem to see Dempster's bagels on sale in most stores.

As soon as I got home I tried one of these bagel, knowing that they be eaten in no time.I chose to toast my bagel and the smell of delicious blueberry wisp through the kitchen.Once it was done, I added a little bit of margarine on each slice and had a bite.Oh! it was exactly what a bagel should be. Soft, chewy, and slightly crunchy when toasted. The flavor of blueberry is very balanced and they smell so good. Their is also just enough berry flavor to satisfied the blueberry lover and the non-lover. I definitely enjoyed these and I will have to give these a 3 out of 3! Definitely check them out for yourself.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Review Of Namaste Pizza Crust Mix

I tried out Namaste Pizza Crust Mix back in September and been slowly editing and writing a review post.The whole time I've been trying to figure out the best way to put it all together to make it interesting.I ended up going back and forth with my ideas to the point I left the post alone till now.I think I have it all sewn up for everyone to enjoy.

Namaste Pizza crust mix is a gluten free crust.So we know right off the bat that the texture will be different to most pizza crusts.This is because gluten is a key ingredient in making pizza dough and creating its texture.However company's including Namaste know their are many people allergic to gluten and deserve pizza too.They also provide the blend free of wheat, soy,corn,potato,peanuts,tree nuts, dairy and casein.So that being said many can try this product.

I am not allergic to gluten myself and have not developed any food intolerance/allergy.So this was the first time ever trying a gluten free pizza.So I can only share my opinion on packaging, recipe,flavor and texture of the product.
When I first used this product. I was pleased by their packaging.They clearly addressed the ingredients they used and provided a simple main recipe on the back,along with an extra recipe on the side.The flour blend also provides enough to make 2, 14inch sized pizzas and the packaging was doubled packed to make it easier to read the recipe

The recipe included only 3 steps to follow. When I was done mixing all the ingredients together it came out a lot different then anything I've seen.It was a cake batter consistency.It was very odd to spread batter on a pizza pan and wondering how it would all turn out. It was also worrisome for me when the recipe asked for a 14inch pizza that must be spread to at least that size when I only had a 12 inch pan.I went along with the recipe even after reading that and took a chance. 


I was able to make a pizza with the pan I used,but not without some odd complication.At first it asked to bake the pizza once without toppings, but when it started to bake the batter began developing large bubbles. I thought this must of happened because it wasn't spread out completely.So I try popping the bubbles so the batter would bake evenly.It kept proceeding to bubble up and I kept going at it.Once I was able to add the toppings it was enough weight for everything to stay put.It began to bake more evenly and started looking more like a pizza.

The pizza came out as a very thin crispy crust.It was a crust and less of a pizza, which meant more room for sauce and toppings.However with that it wasn't able to carry much weight in topping.The flavor of the pizza was very good. I could hardly tell the difference in flavor from the homemade pizza I make.However the texture is a big difference compared to a regular pizza.This one was crunchy, dry and slightly doughy. The sauce and toppings are what really helps it out.

I also made a second pizza as a rectangle sized. I wanted to see if it would react differently.Nope! it still had the same complications as before. I feel maybe both of them would of baked more evenly if they had the topping on first.Who knows? Maybe I should of tried one of their other recipes for something different.

Anyways, I have to give Namaste Gluten Free Pizza Crust a 2 out of 3. Not the best, but a good replacement. 

See what I mean by bubbling below! eck!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick Valentine's Day Heart Cakes


I hope everyone has a great day and to spend it with the ones they love :). Its a day to be supportive and show the people in your life how much you care about them.Its not about the gifts, dinners,or desserts, but more about the time you spend.So be sure to have fun today!

However, a gift or treat couldn't hurt.So if anyone needs a last minute idea for a gift or dessert .How about taking my suggestion of having a baked treat that covers both side.You can have it gift wrapped or served with dinner.Its your choice?

So now your probably wondering,What did she make? Well I actually made,these really cute
strawberry heart cakes(see below) that are loosely based on a vanilla cake recipe.So if your a loyal viewer to my blog then you"ll know, I love to completely change recipes around. So I made up my own ideas to create something for Valentine's day.

I created pink strawberry heart cakes. All made from a white cake recipe, red food coloring,chopped strawberries and a heart cookie cutter. I was able to do, just that because the original recipe was so easy to follow and had basic ingredients.You can actually follow the original recipe to create a simple 9X13 inch vanilla cake or make strawberry heart cakes.Two recipes for you to try out.

Now the simplicity of the recipe may be what sells this cake.But what really catches every one's eye to these, is the appearance.Its that pastel pink color and those delicious strawberries, swirled throughout the hearts.They have both created a great design and the strawberries have given
that deep red.

Now,the texture of the cake is really moist and soft.They actually reminded me a lot of sponge cake. The strawberries also give a juicy and soft aspect. However;what I'm really glad about is how moist they are.Because its such an important component in a great cake. I've eaten too many cakes in the past that were like eating sawdust and most of them were store brought mixes.So avoid the store bought and make from scratch.

Also,the flavor is of a white vanilla cake, but has a nice sweetness flavor from the strawberries.Also,I would love to make this original cake recipe again.Because it seems that this has become my favorite for vanilla cakes.

The only negative aspect to this recipe or idea is their is no way that someone can use all the cake to create heart shapes. You will end up with scrapes.Bad in sense that your limited to a certain amount of hearts, but positive because you can eat the extra cake scrapes :).

Anyways,hope everyone has a great Valentines day and try out some recipes!

Quick Valentine's Day Heart Cakes
                    (Adapted from Every Day Cake Vanilla)

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp  table salt
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup margarine (melted)
2 large eggs
1 cup milk (1 %)
1/4 tsp almond extract
Red food coloring
1 cup Frozen or fresh strawberries (chopped)

Chop frozen or fresh strawberries into small pieces. If frozen, carefully cut them and let thaw in a strainer. Let it sit in sink to drain until use.

In a large bowl, Add flour, baking powder, salt and sugar together.Mix well.

Add melted margarine, eggs,milk and almond extract to dry mixture.Beat with electric mixer till smooth.Lightly stir in red food coloring, until reaches pink pastel color.

Preheat oven to 350F.

Add 1/2 chopped strawberries to batter, fold in a couple times.Pour into a greased 9x13 inch cake pan. Evenly spread batter. Sprinkle the remaining strawberries on top. Swirl them into the batter, until makes a desirable look.

Bake in oven for 25-30 minutes.Will be lightly golden brown on sides and pastel pink.Toothpick test.Let cool completely.In fridge or room temp.

Cut heart shapes in cake with a heart shaped cookie cutter.Try to use as much cake as you can.Scrapes will be for eating.You can decorating each heart with icing sugar sifted on top.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Toffee Topped Banana Bread, No Butter Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies And Brand New Product Review

Lots has happen since my last review. I baked a couple items, joined a dinner party and won a few new giveaways. One is actually really exciting for my blog because it's a Cook 'N Recipe Organizer Software. Its a really useful tool where I can write in my recipes, create a personal cookbook,write a menu plan and look up recipes with their search engine. What's really great about their search engine is, it only filters in recipes and I easily edit the recipes right in the software.Isn't that awesome?  I just think, no pesky ad's on the recipes and I have way more control over my searching. I can even share a recipe with my friends via Twitter, Facebook etc.That will serve as a great feature for a foodie blogger like me. I'm actually slowly learning everything that this software can do ,which is exciting.

I also was offered a free e cookbook of my choice from the website and ended up choosing a dessert cookbook, how predictable of me. Anyways,I probably missed mentioning some other great features. So I recommend anyone interested to check out the DVO website and watch their video.Also,If you see a giveaway for it, definitely enter it!

Some of the items that I have recently baked are No Butter Peanut Butter Cookies, which I previously reviewed on this blog and a banana bread recipe from Cook'N Recipe Organizer software.

The No Butter Peanut Butter Cookies actually came out quite different this time because I replaced half of the sugar with apple sauce and added toffee skor bits. They were a thicker, smaller and softer cookie. Also,the peanut butter had no added icing sugar, so that created not as sweet cookie.However the toffee bits created a nice sweet caramel flavor and a slight crunch.They were really good cookies and only lasted a day

The banana bread was a really simple recipe from Cook'N software. I only wish I had the ingredient, vegetable oil they ask for because then I would of been able to create a lighter and less dense bread. However I was still able to replace it with melted margarine, which created a slightly different texture.I also added a little caramel sweetness and crunch to the banana bread. Once the bread came out of the oven I brushed it with a little water and sprinkled the top with Hershey Toffee Skor Bits.It created a really shiny textured appearance and really quite eye catching.

The bread had a mild banana flavor, but by the next day the flavor was way stronger.This banana bread was not too moist or too dry. I'm usually use to a moister bread, but this was still really good.I can even see adding more mashed banana or a little milk for a moister texture.
It also didn't last to long, only one day.  Banana bread is to good to save. 

Also, for both baked items using Hershey toffee skors bits and me receiving the package for free from a giveaway.I guess I should give my review of the tasty treat.

Well I've never tried skor bits till now. My opinion on them is they are a great treat to add to any baking such as cookies, cakes,quick breads,cupcakes etc. They are crunchy and have a great caramel flavor.You can eat them as is or add them to something. I even sprinkled them on peanut butter toast, added them to banana pancakes and topped my baked apple with them.  Overall, great with all of the items.Now you have a couple baking recipes to try with this treat. Also, if you check out my Facebook page you can see the banana pancakes I made and the baked apple.

Anyways,Now what shay I bake next? Any suggestion on what you like me to review? If you do leave a comment!Everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Penny Hoarders Giveaway:8GB Ipod Touch In White!

My loyal viewers, check out this awesome giveaway I found at Pennyhoarders to win an 8 GB Ipod Touch in White.This is super exciting isn't it!  Well I don't want any of my viewers like you to miss out on this awesome prize. This gadget is way to cool, not to put your entries in.

Want me to explain how cool it is? Well its not just for music, its also includes a HD video recorder,camera,retina display,free unlimited text imessaging to any ipod touch,ipad or iphone. Also has a brand new iOS operating system and Icloud to store all your music,photos and documents. Plus of course, can't leave out all the awesome game apps you can play! So check it out, its so easy to enter through her Raffle-copter form.Don't miss out! You got till Febuaury 9th.