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Clipix, The Best Way To Save And Share

Recently, I joined the world of Clipix. A place where I can easily save, organize and share all the great ideas I see browsing through the web. It’s all about creating clipboards for everything you save or want to look back on. 

For me it was really easy to start. All I had to do was drag their Clip button to my bookmark bar and click it whenever I saw something I liked. With this great tool I have created clipboards for recipes I want to try, craft ideas and cookware/bake ware I want. If you look below,this is one of my clipboards for recipe ideas. In the coming months, I can see myself creating more boards and filling them up. There are no limits; your able to create anything you like.

Clipix also has allowed me to control my privacy settings on each board. I can keep it private or share with others. Also I can’t forget to mention their Sync boards. It’s all about clipping together with your friends and family in one board. Everyone is able to see what you added in real time. Plus the…

Dempster's Blueberry Bagels Review

Recently, I received a freebie coupon for one package of any Dempster's Bagels.It was an offer they had through their Facebook page and web saver.It took a couple hours in waiting and some frustration working web saver;however I finally got it sent and It was definitely worth the effort.So, just yesterday I went out and got some bagels.There were lots of choices from blueberry,cinnamon raisin,plain,sesame, everything, and 100% whole wheat.I chose their blueberry bagels  (See below)

This was definitely an excellent freebie coupon if you were one of the people able to snatch it up.Bagels definitely aren't cheap and the store I got mine from were $4.69, before tax.I was so glad to get mine free! If your one of the people that missed out on this offer.Don't fret, I always seem to see Dempster's bagels on sale in most stores.

As soon as I got home I tried one of these bagel, knowing that they be eaten in no time.I chose to toast my bagel and the smell of delicious blueberry …

Review Of Namaste Pizza Crust Mix

I tried out Namaste Pizza Crust Mix back in September and been slowly editing and writing a review post.The whole time I've been trying to figure out the best way to put it all together to make it interesting.I ended up going back and forth with my ideas to the point I left the post alone till now.I think I have it all sewn up for everyone to enjoy.

Namaste Pizza crust mix is a gluten free crust.So we know right off the bat that the texture will be different to most pizza crusts.This is because gluten is a key ingredient in making pizza dough and creating its texture.However company's including Namaste know their are many people allergic to gluten and deserve pizza too.They also provide the blend free of wheat, soy,corn,potato,peanuts,tree nuts, dairy and casein.So that being said many can try this product.

I am not allergic to gluten myself and have not developed any food intolerance/allergy.So this was the first time ever trying a gluten free pizza.So I can only share my opini…

Quick Valentine's Day Heart Cakes


I hope everyone has a great day and to spend it with the ones they love :). Its a day to be supportive and show the people in your life how much you care about them.Its not about the gifts, dinners,or desserts, but more about the time you spend.So be sure to have fun today!

However, a gift or treat couldn't hurt.So if anyone needs a last minute idea for a gift or dessert .How about taking my suggestion of having a baked treat that covers both side.You can have it gift wrapped or served with dinner.Its your choice?

So now your probably wondering,What did she make? Well I actually made,these really cute strawberry heart cakes(see below) that are loosely based on a vanilla cake recipe.So if your a loyal viewer to my blog then you"ll know, I love to completely change recipes around. So I made up my own ideas to create something for Valentine's day.

I created pink strawberry heart cakes. All made from a white cake recipe, red food coloring,…

Toffee Topped Banana Bread, No Butter Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies And Brand New Product Review

Lots has happen since my last review. I baked a couple items, joined a dinner party and won a few new giveaways. One is actually really exciting for my blog because it's a Cook 'N Recipe Organizer Software. Its a really useful tool where I can write in my recipes, create a personal cookbook,write a menu plan and look up recipes with their search engine. What's really great about their search engine is, it only filters in recipes and I easily edit the recipes right in the software.Isn't that awesome?  I just think, no pesky ad's on the recipes and I have way more control over my searching. I can even share a recipe with my friends via Twitter, Facebook etc.That will serve as a great feature for a foodie blogger like me. I'm actually slowly learning everything that this software can do ,which is exciting.

I also was offered a free e cookbook of my choice from the website and ended up choosing a dessert cookbook, how predictable of me. Anyways,I probably missed men…

Penny Hoarders Giveaway:8GB Ipod Touch In White!

My loyal viewers, check out this awesome giveaway I found at Pennyhoarders to win an8 GB Ipod Touch in White.This is super exciting isn't it!  Well I don't want any of my viewers like you to miss out on this awesome prize. This gadget is way to cool, not to put your entries in.
Want me to explain how cool it is? Well its not just for music, its also includes a HD video recorder,camera,retina display,free unlimited text imessaging to any ipod touch,ipad or iphone. Also has a brand new iOS operating system and Icloud to store all your music,photos and documents. Plus of course, can't leave out all the awesome game apps you can play! So check it out, its so easy to enter through her Raffle-copter form.Don't miss out! You got till Febuaury 9th.

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