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Toffee Topped Banana Bread, No Butter Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies And Brand New Product Review

Lots has happen since my last review. I baked a couple items, joined a dinner party and won a few new giveaways. One is actually really exciting for my blog because it's a Cook 'N Recipe Organizer Software. Its a really useful tool where I can write in my recipes, create a personal cookbook,write a menu plan and look up recipes with their search engine. What's really great about their search engine is, it only filters in recipes and I easily edit the recipes right in the software.Isn't that awesome?  I just think, no pesky ad's on the recipes and I have way more control over my searching. I can even share a recipe with my friends via Twitter, Facebook etc.That will serve as a great feature for a foodie blogger like me. I'm actually slowly learning everything that this software can do ,which is exciting.

I also was offered a free e cookbook of my choice from the website and ended up choosing a dessert cookbook, how predictable of me. Anyways,I probably missed mentioning some other great features. So I recommend anyone interested to check out the DVO website and watch their video.Also,If you see a giveaway for it, definitely enter it!

Some of the items that I have recently baked are No Butter Peanut Butter Cookies, which I previously reviewed on this blog and a banana bread recipe from Cook'N Recipe Organizer software.

The No Butter Peanut Butter Cookies actually came out quite different this time because I replaced half of the sugar with apple sauce and added toffee skor bits. They were a thicker, smaller and softer cookie. Also,the peanut butter had no added icing sugar, so that created not as sweet cookie.However the toffee bits created a nice sweet caramel flavor and a slight crunch.They were really good cookies and only lasted a day

The banana bread was a really simple recipe from Cook'N software. I only wish I had the ingredient, vegetable oil they ask for because then I would of been able to create a lighter and less dense bread. However I was still able to replace it with melted margarine, which created a slightly different texture.I also added a little caramel sweetness and crunch to the banana bread. Once the bread came out of the oven I brushed it with a little water and sprinkled the top with Hershey Toffee Skor Bits.It created a really shiny textured appearance and really quite eye catching.

The bread had a mild banana flavor, but by the next day the flavor was way stronger.This banana bread was not too moist or too dry. I'm usually use to a moister bread, but this was still really good.I can even see adding more mashed banana or a little milk for a moister texture.
It also didn't last to long, only one day.  Banana bread is to good to save. 

Also, for both baked items using Hershey toffee skors bits and me receiving the package for free from a giveaway.I guess I should give my review of the tasty treat.

Well I've never tried skor bits till now. My opinion on them is they are a great treat to add to any baking such as cookies, cakes,quick breads,cupcakes etc. They are crunchy and have a great caramel flavor.You can eat them as is or add them to something. I even sprinkled them on peanut butter toast, added them to banana pancakes and topped my baked apple with them.  Overall, great with all of the items.Now you have a couple baking recipes to try with this treat. Also, if you check out my Facebook page you can see the banana pancakes I made and the baked apple.

Anyways,Now what shay I bake next? Any suggestion on what you like me to review? If you do leave a comment!Everyone have a great weekend!

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