Monday, February 27, 2012

Clipix, The Best Way To Save And Share

Recently, I joined the world of Clipix. A place where I can easily save, organize and share all the great ideas I see browsing through the web. It’s all about creating clipboards for everything you save or want to look back on. 

For me it was really easy to start. All I had to do was drag their Clip button to my bookmark bar and click it whenever I saw something I liked. With this great tool I have created clipboards for recipes I want to try, craft ideas and cookware/bake ware I want. If you look below,this is one of my clipboards for recipe ideas. In the coming months, I can see myself creating more boards and filling them up. There are no limits; your able to create anything you like.

Clipix also has allowed me to control my privacy settings on each board. I can keep it private or share with others. Also I can’t forget to mention their Sync boards. It’s all about clipping together with your friends and family in one board. Everyone is able to see what you added in real time. Plus there is Multi boards where you can group boards. I’m very excited to see what else I can do on Clipix.

I definitely recommend everyone to visit and sign up for clipix. You can even sign up through your Facebook or Twitter account. Super easy! Also, be sure to leave a comment on this post on what you plan in using Clipix for? I love to hear!

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