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Dairyland Review: Three Layer Dip

  Do you need a simple and impressive dip this holiday season? Well I have a delicious three layer dip that you can make with very little time and money.So are you interested yet? Well if you are.Then lets jump in because all you need to impress your guests is a great glass dish to showcase this dip.Its all about simple ingredients that work together.

Anyways, We all want to get on to the recipe, right?. Well all you need to do is simply layer, layer and more layer.So first off you want use store bought or homemade salsa for the bottom layer and then go with Dairylands Low Fat Sour Cream for the middle.Its just has rich and creamy as their regular and better on your waist line.Then to tie it all up in a nice neat bow, sprinkle on some chopped green onion and grated cheddar cheese.Its as easy as that with simple ingredients and no measurements.From there you can serve it right away with some delicious Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips or refrigerate for the next day.

Its a full of flavor dip that will certainly impress your guests.The salsa has just the right amount of spice that is great against the rich and creamy sour cream.Then to top it all off you have the rich cheddar cheese with the fresh green onion.I highly recommend it for your next get together this holiday season.

I also give two thumbs up for Dairyland Low Fat Sour Cream.It was excellent in this dip.

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