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Dining Out At Home Cookbook Two:Main Dishes

Dining Out At Home Cookbook Two, has a variety of unique and delicious main course recipes that everyone, can prepare themselves.This includes recipes for  different clienteles from fancy dishes, such as Olive Garden's Baked Pasta Ramona to Denny's basic club house sandwich.Though, this chapter may have levels of variety, the recipes still follow closely to being  budget friendly along with using simple ingredients.So with that special trait it makes it very possible to make  these recipes without hesitation.

So with so many unique recipes in my lap, it was still a taunting task to choose what recipes I wanted to review.I eventually narrowed it down to what my budget was going to be and what struck me as something I really wanted to learn.The first recipe I chose to make was Cracker Barrel's Old Country Store Sunday Chicken.I picked this recipe because I have never made fried chicken before and I felt comfortable enough to work with a deep fryer.

The Sunday chicken was however a big eye-opener for me in sense of the deep frying aspect.This was a completely different experience for me compared to last time.Because this situation included cooking meat that was thicker, heavier and contain a lot of moisture.So I had to make sure to keep my self save and let the chicken fully cook in the process.It was a overwhelming task at first, since the oil is at 350F and bubbling viciously with frying each breast.So I went the safe route and felt best to fry each chicken breast one by one to prevent any over-boiling or spitting. I also used long metal tongs and wear a silicone glove to keep myself protected as much as possible.Its very important to keep yourself safe to prevent any burns or accidents.If you need more information, I will include safety with using a stock pot or deep fryer in the recipe below.

 So now that we have some information about deep frying chicken, lets start by breaking down this recipe.Well I found the directions to be right at the point and the preparation of the chicken to be very quick.This recipe is simply about preparing a buttermilk liquid and a seasoned mixture for the chicken breast to bask in.From there we can fry each piece to create a crispy golden brown exterior, while still keeping flavor and moisture.There is no fear of any of the meat drying out because each piece fry's at eight minutes at a very high temperature.The only disadvantages to frying is it can take sometime for the oil to reach a high heat and the chicken can become cold  fast.So I made sure to give myself more time for this recipe to complete it correctly and efficiently.  

So the most important part to any recipe is the flavor and texture test.So when I took my first bite of homemade Sunday chicken it was definitely a comforting experience.The breast exterior was crispy and crunchy, while staying very juicy and moist.It was also wonderfully seasoned with salt and pepper with a slightly tangy flavor of the buttermilk.It was cooked very evenly and is delightful with a side dish of creamy garlic mash potatoes.It was a lovely foodie experience and I would do it all over again.

It is a two thumbs up for this recipe for preparation, simple ingredients, and definitely texture and flavor.I recommend this recipe to serve at your next dinner because everyone will love you for it.Who would not love a comforting dish, that is has beautiful as this Sunday chicken. So stay tune,for another main course recipe comming soon

The Recipe

Sunday Chicken
Inspired By Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Vegetable oil.for frying
4-5 boneless,skinless chicken breasts
2 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp salt
2 tsp ground black pepper
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup water

In a tall stock pot I filled the canola up to 3 inches in height.Preheated the oil to 350F on low-med.I used a deep frying thermometer to measure the heat.Tips: Adjusting the heat is key.Turn down to low if going above 350F to cool down,if temp is going to low put to medium.

 To prepare the chicken breast,I defrosted my chicken and then flatten each to make uniform shapes.I placed each one between plastic wrap and used a rolling pin to gently pound the breasts, about 3/8 inches thick.

Then I prepare the seasoned flour by combining all purpose flour,salt and pepper in a medium stainless bowl,stirring well to distribute the ingredients.Then I combined buttermilk and water together.

I seasoned each chicken breast with a little salt and pepper.Then I dredge each piece in the seasoned flour,dipped in buttermilk and lastly dredge in the seasoned flour.

I shook off the excess flour and slowly lowered one breast into the hot oil using long metal tongs and cooked each piece for 8 minutes,until golden brown,flipping halfway through to fry evenly on each side.Then I drained each piece on a wire rack.I fried one piece at a time for safety and kept them warm in the oven till serving.

Deep Frying Tips:

Tip #1 Use the tallest and largest pot you have, such as a stock pot or dutch oven, or best of all deep fryer

Tip#2 Only fill the pot with oil halfway, which is about 3 inches-4 inches deep 

Tip #3 Attached a deep fryer thermometer to the pot while it is preheating.Never use a meat thermometer and never emerge a thermometer into hot oil.

Tip#4 Use your best large metal tongs to grasp the chicken to place in the hot oil,flip or take out.

Tip#5. Wearing Silicone gloves are great to protect your hands and wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Tip#6 The hot oil will drop its temperature when the chicken is added.This is normal;however you must adjust the temp on the oven from low-med to prevent the temperature from going over 350F or to low.It is possible to adjust from low to medium while the chicken is cooking,just be careful not to touch the hot pot.

Tip #7 Always keep the thermometer attached to the pot,some thermometers will touch the bottom of the pot,to see the exact temp put sure to lift the thermometer away from the bottom and let it read for a few seconds and then place back down.

Tip #8 Oil will hiss, or bubble while the chicken is cooking.If it begins to spit,place the temperature to low and stay out of the way.

Tip #9 When done cooking,turn off element and let oil completely cool.Recycle this oil,you cannot filter this oil due to raw meat contamination.

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