Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beautiful Spring Weather To Showcase Colorful Sugar Cookies

Here in B.C, were finally getting our beautiful spring weather.This weekend is suppose to be all sunny and blue skies.So far that's exactly what were getting and I'm taking advantage of it for my photos.I'm excited for more warm weather and the summer season to come upon us.BBQ's,nature walks,swimming, the beach, and even ice cream.Now the warmth,is not the best time to bake, but I'll just have to find days where its cooler and try to make summer desserts.Yum!

Anyways,I should let everyone know about the recipe I just recently made.Its a sugar cookie recipe that I slightly adapted from my Foods 11 course.Its really simple to follow and has very little ingredient.I actually highly recommend it because its actually a sugar cookie where no chilling has to done.You can cut out as many different shapes as you like and it will still come out as good as chilled dough.

I was actually super surprised to revisit this recipe and find this out.Plus I was super relieved because I started baking quite late, at about 11pm.That's why they seem to call me the midnight baker around here.Always seem to bake really late in the day and not in the morning or afternoon.I guess that's when I get the most creative!

Now for these delicious sugars,you also get the added bonus of having a colorful glaze.With just a drizzle of  red and blue glaze you transform these plain cookies into works of art and giving them added sweetness.I really love the pastel colors to these and the sunlight as really highlighted them well in the photos.Now for the flavor and texture.These are sweet vanilla cookies with a crunchy and thick texture.They are also slightly soft and crumbly.They hold their shape very well and are best when served cold.So keep them in the fridge to get the best flavor.

For anyone planning to make this recipe I have some pointers for you.I recommend when using hard margarine make sure its room temp.This makes a big difference in creaming your mixture.When stirring your  flour mixture, be sure to do this thoroughly because it will help evenly distribute the baking powder.Also, when rolling out this dough be sure not to make it too thin.If its too thin you end up with some pretty thin cookie rounds that don't rise much.

Then lastly, be sure to watch these cookies carefully.For each oven it is different, it might be 4 ,or 5 or  even 6 minutes.You don't want to overcook these! Especially with a smaller batch of leftover rounds.For this recipe, I got about 28 cookies,which means I ended up with four rounds on one cookie sheet,definitely a different baking time for them.

If you just follow these pointers, which are also written in this recipe you will have a perfect sugar cookie you can be proud of.I can't see these cookies lasting to long here either.They seem to be a great spring/summer treat to serve!

Now, I hope everyone is having a great weekend and hopefully its beautiful weather!

Sugar Cookies With Colored Glaze 
(Adapted from Flood Cookies and Icing,Foods 11)

125ml hard margarine,room temp
125ml granulated sugar
1 egg
3ml vanilla exacts
5ml baking powder
350ml all purpose flour

Preheat oven to 400F.Creamed the margarine in a medium-large bowl with a electric hand mixer, till light and fluffy.

Add sugar slowly,while beating in.Then add vanilla and egg.Beat till smooth.

In a medium bowl, mix or sift all purpose flour and baking powder together.(Helps evenly distribute the b.p)
Add half of flour mixture to wet mixture,mix with wooden spoon.Add remaining flour,stir in.

Set up pastry board,lightly floured.Form dough into 3 balls
Knead each ball 2-3 times,till combined.

Roll out dough on lightly floured surface(not to thin) and cut with a regular round cookie cutter.

Place rounds on a nonstick cookie sheet and bake for 5-6 minutes.Watch them carefully.Golden brown edges and bottom.Cool on a rack completes.When warm,placing in fridge will quicken the process.

Colored Glaze

Icing sugar(Varies on how much glaze you want)
1ml Vanilla
1/2 tsp -1 tsp Cold water
Red & Blue

In a small bowl, Whisk icing sugar,vanilla and cold water. (If too thin, add more icing sugar.If too thick add more water)


From the original bowl, take a portion of the white icing and add it to a second bowl.Proceed to add blue food coloring
For the white icing, add red food coloring.


When cookies are completely cool.Place cooling rack on top of a plate.Use two spoons/knives for each colored glaze.Dip them in the glaze and proceed to drizzle the cookies.Let set and place in fridge.