Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wilton's Cookie Pro Ultra 11 Press To Make Spritz Cookies

I have finally done my first set of spritz cookies, using a Wilton's Cookie Pro Ultra 11 Press.This gadget makes it so easy to make homemade cookies with a really fancy designs such as stars,trees,flowers, hearts etc.Once you get the hang of it with how it works It becomes a really quick process.Its easy to clean,has a nonslip silicone bottom and it offers 12 disk designs.The even cooler thing about this cookie press is you can easily make the cookies larger by pumping a second or third time.It really depends on what you want.Also you can decorate these little cookies with icing,sprinkles,melted chocolate or leave them as is.They are really unique looking either way.

So when I decided to make these cookies I made a recipe for a large batch of dough.I did this so I could make two different flavors,one almond and the other lemon flavored.I used a really good recipe from a trusty company coming book by Jean pare.There are lots of simple recipe in all those cookbooks and I really recommend everyone to check them out.

The recipe I used was really simple and the only slight change I had to make was adding flavored extract to each.From there the cookie press gadget was pretty simple to work with and may be different for others depending on what brand and type.My experience with this cookie press is it may not press right away through the disk,but once you find a rhythm it gets way easier.Also to give everyone advice on a cookie press is if you use colder dough it will be harder to work with and the warmer the cookie sheet the harder it is for the dough to stay on the pan. So I really recommend to keep your dough room temp and switch out your pan for a cooler pan.For me, this Wilton's is probably the best out there;however its the only one I've tried so I can't be a 100% sure on that.

In the end, these cookie designs came out really well with this gadget and the baking process in the recipe was also really short,at around 3 minutes or less.I noticed these cookies were best with a light golden bottom and completely white on top.There's no way you want to go pass 3 minutes with these unless you want some really overcooked cookies.So If your going to makes these I really recommend in watching each batch closely.Its easier said then done.

Now for the flavor and texture.They very similar to sugar cookies and danish cookies.They have soft,crumbly,moist and slightly crisp textures.The flavor is buttery without the use of butter and they are not overly sweet.They are are delicious with or without icing/sprinkles.The flavorings however do come through these cookies.The almond just gives that little bit of kick and something different to the the flower design cookies.The lemon flavor really shines through for the star and flower cookies.They have a slight sour/tang to them.Overall the flavors were excellent for this cookie dough.Spritz cookies are really good and are always gone so quickly.So always make sure to make a large!

Lemon and Almond Spritz Cookies
Adapted from Spritz In
Cookies Cookbook by Jean Pare

1 cup hard margarine
1 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp almond extract
1 tsp lemon extract

In a large bowl, I creamed  margarine and sugar till light and fluffy.Then added the eggs,1 at a time and then vanilla.Stirred in flour, baking powder and salt, until well combined.Then put one half of the dough in a medium bowl and stir in 1 tsp of almond extract.For the remaining dough,I added 1 tsp of lemon extract.

Prepared cookie press and picked designs.Filled the press with the almond extract cookie dough and pressed out design dough on a ungreased cookie sheet.Baked them at 400F for 3 minutes. Once that batch of flavored dough is gone.Continued the same process with the lemon extract cookie dough using a different design.Keeping the designs different can help tell the difference from each flavor.Let cookies cool completely on a cookie rack.Decorate if desired.