Sunday, May 19, 2013

World Baking Day! Lets Celebrate And Challenge Ourselves!

So for World Baking Day, I chose to make the Bake well Tart Biscuits by Beckie Smith,which is a level 15 in the challenge list.This is a really simple sandwich cookie with a jam filling drizzled with an icing glaze.This recipe is super simple to follow and everyone will be able to make these delicious cookies.The ingredients are also very inexpensive and the directions are very informative.They are a really soft buttery cookie that will just melt in your mouth along with a sweet jam filling.They are very impressive looking cookies;without being very difficult;however it does have its challenges since this is called a baking challenge.So if anyone choose's to make this recipe for the challenge be sure to have the time and patience's to make the cookies since it can be quite fragile and tedicious work.So be careful and have fun! Everyone get in on this challenge and let me know how you all did by commenting on my facebook page

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