Thursday, July 03, 2014

How To Make Homemade Vanilla Extract?

Making your own vanilla extract is not that daunting task that you might of thought.Its actually super easy to make as along as you have the patience to develop a pure product. Its the most popular extract used in baking and for someone such as I that extensively bakes goes through vanilla very quickly.So when I was finally introduce to homemade given as a gift I made a choice to never go back to store bought.It is so much better in flavor and is quite inexpensive in the long run.So, when I saw that Dining Out At Home Cookbook Two had a recipe I knew I had to learn to make my own.

I learned that making your own vanilla extract is pretty basic with only using two vanilla beans and 8 ounces of vodka.It is so quick to put together and I'm surprised I didn't make my own sooner.Through everyone has to know that this extract does take time to fully develop as I mention before and will darken with age over several weeks.The extract also has a very long shelf life and is constantly replenishable ,meaning that keeping the beans completely submerge in alcohol will lengthen its life.I'm highly impressed with this fact because now I no longer need to purchase vanilla.In the end, we have a superior flavor to store bought and is definitely a better choice for everyone.

If you love to bake then I highly recommend this recipe and to keep this extract handy in your pantry. You will definitely see the difference in flavor and see how much money you save. So try out this recipe for yourself and I'll keep enjoying it in my baking.

The Recipe

Vanilla Extract
Yield 6-8 ounces

2-3 vanilla beans
6 to 8 ounces vodka

I used a sharp paring knife and split open the vanilla beans length wise.

Then I placed the beans in an airtight container with lid and poured in the vodka,enough to fully emerge the beans.

Then I tightly sealed the container.I store it in a room temperature area and shook it every couple of days and up to the next several weeks.

It will darken with age and while using it I can top it off with more vodka which sustains the shelf life.Keeping my vanilla beans submerge in alcohol is the key.


  1. About how many times can you refill the jar with the same beans?

    1. It probably depends on the kind of vanilla beans.But it does sustain for quite a while.I would say maybe 3 or 4 times.But its best to continue adding a new vanilla bean each time to help the process


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