Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghosts Will Haunt You Tonight!! Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Halloween is finally here and we are now down to the very last touch ups! So I hope you all got your costumes and decorations finished along with the candy and your party's planned.Though, if you need a helping hand, I do have a last minute spooky treat that will definitely impress the kids and adults.

These spooky ghosts all have their own unique personality;however they share something in common.They all have a delicious,creamy and chocolate cream cheese center with a candy shell. They can be terrifying,sad,angry and even flirty,but they are all sweet inside. The creativity is endless with these Hosts Of Ghosts.

So,now that we are acquainted with my little terrors.I will have to say that to create these is simple but can have its challenges.So with these difficulties, I have found solutions so everyone on any level of baking can makes these for Halloween.Don't you worry!

So to start off,I will say that this recipe is  simple and really inexpensive to make.Just think only four ingredients to create these ghosts for a last minute treat and that is exactly why I chose to make it.Though, with so little in this recipe, you can run into issues.For example,when dealing with such a soft dough it can be incredibly sticky,so it's best to grease your fingertips before, to a prevent a mess.Then once your pasted the prep of your ghosts you will learn early on that its super important to chill your ghosts to prevent any melting. Also, it's a bonus to have any extra candy melts for touch up and will definitely save you when a ghost does not go to plan.So with these small changes to this recipe it makes easier for everyone to create these treats.

Overall, this recipe can only be described as simple and challenging at the same time.Though,I will say I love this recipe because it can easily be adapted to work for me and I can get as creative as I want with my ghost friends.This is  what is great about creating something because you can change it and make it better for yourself. In the end,I now have a collection of unique ghosts hovering in my fridge just waiting to escape and worried about being devoured.Sorry!


Just think, kids would love to create their own personalized ghost this Halloween and will impress any party guest! Also, did I forget to mention that these terrors can be made ahead a time.So go on and try this quick,terrifying treat! Trust me.  

Happy Halloween!!! BOO!

The Recipe

Hosts Of Ghosts

Duration: About 1 hour

10 Chocolate cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreo's, fudge-Os etc)
1 package (3 ounce) Cream cheese,softened
6 ounces Wilton's Candy Melts.Extra is a must for touch up's
1 tsp Vegetable shortening

With my kitchen aid blender,I pulsed the cookies, until it resembled a fine crumb.Then I placed the crumbs in my stand mixer.

I then cut the cream cheese into three pieces and then added it to the mixer,Beating on medium speed until it reached a soft dough and fully combined.Will be sticky.

Then I greased my fingertips with vegetable shortening,followed by shaping each ghost,using 2 tsp of dough.Then I placed each on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

Then I placed all the little ghosts in the freezer for about 5 minutes, until harden.

Then I placed 6 ounces of candy melts with 1 tsp of shortening in a microwave safe bowl.Then I microwave it in 10 second introverts,stirring after each,until it reached a smooth and pourable consistency.These candy melts will harden quickly,so time is the accent.
Tip:I did need more candy melts in the end for touch ups and for a few ghosts. Extra candy melts and shortening is a must for this recipe.

Then using a spoon,I slowly poured the candy mixture over the ghost shape,then using a butter knife to delicately spread and smooth on areas with missing spot.This will harden quickly.Then I used a toothpick to create eyes,then stored it in the freezer or refrigerator,until ready to serve.

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