Thursday, December 14, 2017

Candy Suited As A Christmas Gift

Best Homemade Candy Recipes by Jane Sharrock is full of ample ideas as well as interesting concoctions.It's a wonderful cookbook to introduce this month,since it includes many treats that would be splendidly suitable for gifts this season or featured at a Christmas party.

So if you have a fondness for homemade candy and need a recipe that is sure to impress,then I say you must try "Marry Me Toffee" It's definitely a candy that everyone will love you for.A homemade toffee that is similar to store bought almond roca,but is ten times better in flavor as well as freshness.A treat that is layered with roasted almonds,draped in hot toffee and topped with smooth milk chocolate and more roasted almonds.Its a combination that you cannot go wrong with.especially with that fresh toffee crunch and smooth milk chocolate. 

Its a recipe I highly recommend everyone to try.So choose your favourite milk chocolate and discover how toffee is truly made.A small ingredient list that will create a beautiful piece of candy.So as along as you have the patience to create your own candy then this recipe will come out great and many will come back for more.

So keep on baking and venture into the candy making world with me.

Yields: 2 1/2 lbs
Option: Can be doubled, Highly recommend a Candy Thermometer

2 to 2 1/2 cups chopped roasted almonds,divided
6 bars milk chocolate (44 grams/1.55 oz each) 9.3 oz/264 grams total
1lb (500g) salted butter
2 cups granulated sugar
3 tbsp cold water
1 tsp vanilla extract

Roasting Almonds:

I scattered the almonds over a large baking sheet and roasted them until fragrant and slightly browned.I let the almonds cool and then placed them in a large Ziploc bag and used a rolling pin to create bite size pieces.
Then I scattered about half of the almonds on the large cookie sheet and medium sheet,dividing proportionately.Setting aside chopped almonds for topping.

Then I chopped the milk chocolate into pieces,setting aside.

Using a large heavy bottom pot,over medium heat.I brought the butter,sugar, and water to a boil.Stirring the sugar till it dissolved and the mixture began to boil.

Then I let it cook,stirring constantly,reaching the hard crack stage,using a metal encased candy thermometer (300F/149C)

Then I quickly removed the pot off the heat and stirred in the vanilla.Then I quickly poured a layer of hot toffee over the almonds on each baking sheet.Then I scattered the chocolate pieces on top,letting melt for a few minutes and then I used a flat metal spatula to gently spread evenly over the hot toffee.

Then I sprinkled the rest of the almonds over top and let it cool in the refrigerator ,until the chocolate was firm.Then I broke up the toffee into pieces and stored them in a Christmas tin layered in wax paper.Always store on its own. 
Option: Can store in airtight container at room temperature or store in the refrigerator or freezer.

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