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Delightful Blueberry Crisp

I really wanted to make a recipe with blueberries since we've got local u-pick blueberries that we froze for baking use.So what uses lots of delicious berries and is super easy to make, BLUEBERRY CRISP, that is.

Whats funny is I didn't even know that I have never made a crisp or even a cobbler since I started this blog.Well for everyone that has been deprived of crisps and cobbler I have got one down and another to go :). Here are a few pictures I took during my baking.Enjoy

Berries are mixed with ingredients while frozen. Place in a casserole dish.
Bringing topping ingredients together to make crumbs
Sprinkling that yummy crumb topping on the filling.
Fully covered with topping and about to be baked!
 Trying out a large yelping of blueberry crisp.So yummy!:)

I really do love crisps and cobblers especially the variety of toppings used.This blueberry crisp has a great crunchy, buttery, flaky crust and absorbs a lot of the fillings flavor. The oatmeal is the best part of this topping and gives great texture.This topping holds up really well overtime and next time I make this I'll add more topping because its so good.

The filling is however the most important part to this kind of dessert.The right fruits and ingredients need to be used for the best results.For this filling it was quite tart because very little sugar is use for a large amount of berries.So you have to expect some natural flavor to peek through.However don't fear if your someone that prefers sweeter because you can add more sugar if you like.But I can say it's still rather sweet overall and quite smooth as well.

For the berries I do recommend using fresh blueberries for the best flavor,but frozen is just as good especially when berries are not in season or you need them right away.For frozen you do need to know that the filling will come out a little watery;however if you put in the extra cornstarch the recipe recommends for a thicker sauce then everything will be fine.Also the cooler the crisp gets the more it absorbs the liquid and its ten times better with all it flavor from the juices.

For this recipe I did change up the pan being used and chose a large casserole dish.This fit really well for 6 cups of berries and I had no problems with bubbling over;however I did put a pan under the dish to prevent any mess. I baked this crisp for about 1 hour, when it was golden crisp on top and bubbling berries juice on top.

As you can see the berries bring great color to this dish and makes it number one in this dessert. I only wish I had whip cream or vanilla ice cream then. It would of gone so well with this crisp.Its a great summer dessert and quick to make.Now cobbler is on the list to make, Yum!


  1. That looks so divine. I love crumb toppings. I am now very hungry!

  2. I love blueberries!

    I emailed you yesterday. You are the winner of my Namaste Foods Giveaway. Please contact me soon so that I do not have to choose a new winner.

  3. Hey Theresa ,Thank you!
    I just e-mailed you back. Your e-mail some how ended up in the delete or junk file. Must of got jumbled up with all my spam and newsletter e-mails I get. Hopefully I'm not to late!

  4. Looks delicious Berendina!

    Guess what? You are the winner of my Origami Photos Frames Giveaway!

    Please get in touch, sent you an email...


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