Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Strawberry Cake

This is the best Strawberry Cake I have ever eaten and I didn't even use fresh strawberries. They were actually local strawberries we picked and then froze for baking.These are of course ten times better then any frozen fruit or strawberries found in the stores.I would highly recommend using  fresh strawberries for this cake for the best flavor;however frozen is just as good because it helps keep the fruit from going bad and you always have fruit on hand for baking.Yes, it will compromises the flavor a bit, but not enough to have your fruit go all mushy and gross, Yuck!. So freeze your strawberries, blueberries, bananas etc especially big batches.

Anyways,this cake was super simple to make and uses very little ingredient.I really like simple homemade baking with lots of flavor and some fun thrown into it. That's what you get in this recipe and nobody will be disappointed if you bake this beautiful cake.This would be a great recipe for someone that's never baked before to learn from or just for a beginner.There is very little prior preparing besides, cutting strawberries and greasing a pan.

I highly recommend this cake for special occasions like BBQ s,picnics,potlucks, and parties etc.Its a very moist and fluffy cake with great strawberry flavor.The aroma is excellent when freshly baked and when cooled. It smells exactly like strawberry jam and the cake gets even better once it sits in the fridge to absorb its flavors.Its definitely best to add as many cut up strawberries face down as you can to the cake for flavor and color. Its a elegant and bright summer cake, which will intrigue all eaters to try some.So check out the recipe and try it out for yourselves. You already heard my opinion, now go out and bake this delicious cake :)

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