Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Weather And Candy In The Mail,Makes A Happy Day!

Woo! Back to blogging again.Its super nice out today and summer has finally showing it self in the middle of august. Maybe this means it will be warmer in September, cross fingers. Just recently went swimming with Dave and my good friend Krysta, that was a lot of fun and the lake was so warm :). B.C summer weather can be so nice if it shows it self more. In other news I've been working on a couple recipe posts that will be up as soon as I get my writing groove back for reviewing.

Also, mail was pretty obsolete all last week and this week has been pretty dry as well, except today I received something pretty awesome. I got my sample promotion from Maynard's Face book Page. They gave me a 170g bag of Maynard blush berries.I love their candy and my favorite from them is the Swedish berries, but these berries are now my second favorite :). They are so yummy and incredibly addicting that its hard to control not eating the whole bag for yourself.They are strawberry flavored and shape like the fruit. They are made with real fruit juice and are fat free. I love their candy. I give two thumbs up to their product. I would say though the only downside is I wish they gave me a coupon so I could buy their delicious candy again.Maybe they have a coupon on their website that I can look into.Now the mailing week has ended and I have to wait for Monday to roll around,depressing :(.

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