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My Favorite President Choice Product

President Choice Blue Menu: Twice the Fruit Strawberry Jam has been a favorite around here for a long time. I've always used it for my toast,bagels,oatmeal,sandwiches and baking.I've actually used this jam for many recipes I've reviewed on here.Its definitely a favorite of mine because its not overly sweet and has real chunks of strawberries.Most jams I've tried are always to smooth, but with PC twice the fruit jam you get the best of both worlds,smooth and chunky.

It has a rich strawberry flavor, while not being overpowering.I definitely think its a big contender to other brands because its a flavorful, affordable and healthier jam.Also,with the blue menu factor you get 50% less calories than jam with pectin and only 25 calories for each tbsp.I definitely recommend President Choice jams for others to try out for themselves and I think this jam is great for using in baked good.The only negative thing about these jams are they get eaten up so fast because its so good.Anyways,here are a couple recipes I've used this jam in.

(I was not compensated for this review.I just wanted to share my favorite product that I use in baking)

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