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Happy New Years Eve! Fitting In One Last Recipe Review

Its already New Years Eve!Wow! This year has gone by so fast that I really feel I didn't post that much this year.Well, to end the last day of 2011 gracefully I will fit in one last blog post.

This week,I was actually struggling with writers blocks the whole time and I guess the holidays were keeping me distracted from writing.Now with all that time wasted It ended up being a good thing because now I have lots to share for this New years eve post.

Anyways, Doesn't anyone feel that Christmas sure went by fast this year? I sure think so because after Christmas I thought I had lots of time to share with all of you about it.Distracted I guess, because now I'm here on December 31st writing about it.Well I guess to sum it up, my Christmas was full of great gifts, great food and yummy baked good.For gifts, I received some cute handmade items, baking equipment,a new outfit and some chocolates/candies.I hope everyone else had a great Christmas/Holiday.

Also, for the holidays I did some baking, which I shared about on my previous post;however I never revealed what I made as a baking gift.Now that all the gifts have been given out I can now share with all of you about the special treat.When I was choosing what treat to make I went with a simple recipe,simple ingredients and treat that looks fancy.Also, I picked something easy to handle for wrapping and wouldn't spoil to fast.So I went with a choosing a cookie recipe.

Now when you look at these cookies your probably thinking these aren't fancy, they are just simple sugar cookies rolled in colored sugar.Well, your right for the most part, but they are actually so much more then a sugar cookie.Their texture and flavor are completely different and their is more then meets the eye, with these cookies.Meaning a SURPRISE!

Surprise? You say.Yes! I didn't mention what these cookies are actually called till now.Their name is Hidden Surprise Cookies.When you take your first look they are a sugar cookie with sprinkles;however when someone takes a bite they will be pleasantly surprised by a chocolate cookie center.I loved this idea as a baking gift and I was ready for the challenge.

 The recipe was pretty simple as I wanted;however it was more time consuming then I wished.This should of went through my thought process since you have to roll and wrap 1 tbsp each of white dough around each 1 inch chocolate ball.It gets easier as you go on and its okay if you end up with leftover chocolate balls.I ended up with two leftover and just baked it with the rest.If you want every single cookie covered be sure to be exact how much dough you use from each.I'll will give this recipe 2.5 out of 3 because its sometime hard to be exact all the time.

Now on to the texture. These cookie layers worked quite well together and have all the favorite elements of chewy,crunchy,soft and melting in your mouth.I going to give these cookies a 3 out of 3 for texture. For flavors, well I got to say this cookie bounces around with flavors. White cookie dough and chocolate cookie dough are of course going to be a great mix together,but the layering bring something more then just a marble cookie could bring. I think its because you always get a rich chocolate moist center. Also, for an surprise their is almond flavoring added to the white dough, which works well with the rich cocoa powder flavor of the chocolate center. Neither becomes to over barren on each other, which I think is a bonus.I'm also going to give these a 3 out of 3 for flavor.

Now on to the last and most important part about this cookie, its appearance. This is what really sells these cookies.At first you see green and red sprinkles on a sugar cookie and then when you break them apart they have a brand new look.However to get the best appearance I do advised to be very careful how much you use of each layer because you can end up with chocolate showing though the cookie.This happened with a few of my cookies;however the sprinkles helped to hide this issue.

These are great for the holidays, including new years eve parties.They are even great year round because you can easily change the sprinkles.The hidden surprise was the one aspect of this recipe that made be excited to make them.I've seen them in various ways and was always afraid to tackle the idea until now.Now I can make them anytime I want and bring something new to the table. I want to also thank my sister for taking the lovely photo of the cookie split open.

Have a great new years everyone! 
Happy New Year!

Hidden Surprise Cookies 

(Adapted from Christmas Cookies 1997,Better Homes And Gardens Special Interest Publications)

1/2 cup butter ( no substitutes)
1/4 cup butter or butter flavoring shortening
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp table salt
1 egg
2 egg yolks
2 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/3 sifted powder sugar
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1 tbsp melted butter
1 /4 tsp almond extract
Coarse colored sugar or candy sprinkles

Cream 1/2 cup butter and 1/4 cup butter in a large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed.Add granulated sugar, baking powder, and salt,beat till combined.Then beat in egg, egg yolks and vanilla till combined.Beat in as much flour as you can with the electric mixer.Stir in the rest with a wooden spoon.

Clean electric beaters.

Remove 3/4 cup of the cookie dough and place in a small bowl.Add in powder(icing) sugar,sifted cocoa and melted butter.Beat ingredients very well.Shape into 1 inch balls.

Beat almond extract into the remaining white dough.

For Hidden Surprise Cookies:Wrap about 1 tbsp of rolled out almond flavored dough around each 1 inch chocolate ball.Be sure to roll gently to make a smooth ball and gently pinch to completely enclose the center.Once that's done roll each ball in colored sugar or candy sprinkles. Then place them on a greased cookie sheet about 2 inches apart from each other.

Bake at 375 F.Don't place them a preheated oven. They will be done after 10 minutes.Bottoms will be lightly brown and edges will be lightly golden.Also don't worry if  the bottoms are showing the chocolate center this sometimes happen when either the chocolate ball was to big or not enough dough covering it. If this happens sprinkle on some more sprinkles while they are warm.It won't completely hide it, but it will help.They will be eaten so quickly no one will notice.

Cool cookies on pan for 1 minute.Cool completely on a wire rack.Makes about 28- 30 cookies.30 cookies if you have pretty close to the exact measurement of the cookie balls.

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