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My Review Of The New Kraft Dinner Smart Vegetable

I just recently tried the new Kraft Dinner Smart Vegetables Macaroni And Cheese. I haven't had Kraft dinner for a long time and since I had a 75 cent coupon off for the product.I thought I should try this out and review my findings.

Now, what is specifically new about this New Kraft Dinner?

Well right from the get go you can see they have a brand new look. I actually really like what they have created here in the background because they use bright colors and nature to bring positivity.You can see the blue sky and clouds hovering a big field.The picture really connects with the product and is eye catching to the consumer.Image is extremely important in a product and sometimes we don't even notice we buy based on look. Its also quite easy to find in stores since it looks so different from the original KD.

Kraft has also introduced three other macaroni and cheese products, which include Flax omega-3 high fiber and vegetables three cheese .They also have the same bright and positive image; however they  all have a color on each one to tell the difference(check out links).I haven't try these specific KD products yet and at this time I can only give my opinion specifically to this one.

All three of these New Kraft Dinners, include wheat flour in their macaroni pasta;however with this one you get the added bonus of the pasta being made with cauliflower. They actually explain on the package that it includes 1/2 serving of veggies per 50 grams of pasta.I'm glad that Kraft is making their products healthier,especially since Kraft dinner is such a popular meal with children.Also, the new K.D.S products are still a source of fiber and calcium along with being a good source of protein and iron.Its also a popular item among adults and did you know its quite a popular item in Canada.We love our pasta!

Now people that are reading this that hate cauliflower or have children that do.All I have to say is "Don't worry, you or your children wont see or taste the difference" The commercials that you may of seen for this product are proven to be right, you can't taste vegetables at all! So for the picky eater's of the world,which their are many, this is specifically made for you. 

What's also new is they have improved their cheese sauce by removing artificial flavors,colors and preservatives.For me I've never been to keen on the powdered cheese aspect of this product, but I know its all about making the product non perishable and convenient.So I'll let that attribute slide because the sauce does deliver in flavor.Its still the same from what I remember as a kid,which is rich,smooth and cheesy.The noodles are tender and are still extremely small compared to actual macaroni noodles.You taste no veggies and its exactly the same as original Kraft dinner.

 Its a quick and filling meal that we all seem to love.If it be the convenient version
,homemade or restaurant.Its a comfort food at its best and is very adaptable.We can add our favorite meat,seasonings,cheese or even vegetables to this dish.For me even after a few bites I added in one slice of Kraft process cheese to create a richer and creamier macaroni and cheese.It was so good and highly recommend the idea.

The recipe is still the same as always even though I recommend less milk to be used.Who wants liquidity pasta, not me! For more information on nutritional facts, be sure to check out the first picture,which includes the back of box.I was actually quite surprised that I was able to understand everything written in the ingredients list.Good on you Kraft!. 

I'm given two thumbs up for this product,but I do wish they would deliver bigger macaroni noodles for KD eventually.

 (I was not compensated or asked to do this review.I wanted to test my review skills and I'm a Kraft fan)



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