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A New Holiday Favorite!

 Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wow! Only four more sleeps till Christmas and I still have to do some Holiday baking for this week.I'm always that last minute person to get everything done. However if you think about, my baked treats will end up being fresher for Christmas day!

Anyways, what is every body's holiday baking plans for this week? Maybe your making a traditional gingerbread house or something simpler like sugar cookies.Whatever it need be, be sure to share about it in the comments. I love to hear all the delicious treats your making for the holidays.

If your someone that's still stuck in what to make.I highly recommend trying out this delicious recipe for a Blueberry Coffee Cake. Now your probably thinking "this really doesn't fit the holidays and blueberries aren't in season.Well don't worry because this is a super adaptable coffee cake where you can easily change the topping to whatever you want. Also, if your someone like me that has frozen fruit on hand.This can be easily used for your topping.Just remember to thaw!

This is a simple cake that will easily impress a crowd.Its great served warm and as well cold.It uses very little fat content in the cake and streusel, which I think is a big plus.It is a slightly smaller coffee cake only about 9inch square size cake or one 9 inch round cake.However I can easily see doubling this recipe to create a 9 by 13 inch cake for a larger crowd.The streusel is actually pretty optional. This cake holds it own without it;however if you choose to go with the streusel, I highly recommend using cold butter for flavor and texture.Hard margarine would be a secondary choice.For me I only had a slightly softer margarine to use so I wasn't able to create the best topping, but it was good enough.

The cake batter is really easy to make and uses very little ingredient to create it.I can see adding a little more to the cake such as fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg,cloves etc.Also the milk in the recipe can be easily change to maybe buttermilk or eggnog for a richer moister cake.Yum! Now I wish I did that for this cake.The ideas are endless for this recipe.

Now, I've tasted quite a few coffee cakes and this is a top favorite of mine.The cake is moist and crumbly, while not being overly sweet.The topping gives a great sweetness while the streusel gives a crumbly, crunchy texture.Really the appearance, texture and flavor will be different from each cake made based on what choice you have as a topping.All I can tell you is that its a simple recipe to follow and I recommend following the streusel recipe ingredients closely to create the best topping.

It may not be your first thought to create a blueberry or even a fruit coffee cake.But try it out you might be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Oh my goodness that looks delicious! I have to try this!

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