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Delcious Blackberry Cobbler

I recently tried out another cobbler recipe, using the rest of my frozen local blackberries for the dessert.This recipe actually came out a lot different then most cobbler's I've seen. Most recipes Ive tried are with a thick fruit filling on the bottom with a pastry top;however this one has a cake-like breading at the bottom with a berry mixture sprinkled on top.So what you end up with is a topping rising in between the filling while showing off the beautiful berries. This idea is actually way more appealing to the eye, since you get to see the star of the show, the blackberries! Also with the berries on top you have flavor seeping into the breading instead of just the bottom.Genius! However if your someone that loves a pastry topping with their cobbler.Then check out this recipe. If your someone that likes to try new recipes and loves a cake-like topping, then stay right here.

Now this cobbler didn't disappoint, even when I had to change the recipe. The topping was thick and moist while slightly chewy.It absorbed the flavor of the berries very well. However the main attraction was the blackberries and with this dessert you can use fresh or frozen. Also, what is surprising and a big plus to the recipe is no other ingredients beside sugar and water are added to the berries. 

For my changes, I doubled the recipe for more servings and I got about 12+ serving ,small to medium. The only ingredient amount that I kept the same was the nutmeg and cinnamon. Also, for the water that is to be drizzled just before its ready to bake. I ended up putting less then a half a cup of water because I wasn't to sure if it be to liquidity. Since it's originally a recipe for blueberries and not blackberries.Big difference between them, especially water. However in the end I wish I did add more water to create more of a sauce.So I made sure to add in the the below recipe the original water amount and the double recipe amount.Your choice how much you really want to add.

 Also, if you someone that gets a lot of extra juice from your thawed berries.I recommend adding it to the cobbler and downsizing the water. Way more flavor from berry juice then water.Or you can add it on after as a thin sauce.Imagine it with whip cream or vanilla ice cream. So Good!

The berries were of course delicious.Very juicy and a great balance of sweetness and tart.The sugar also helped out any berry that was sour in the batch.A lot of flavor in these berries and they really didn't need much.The only thing that might turn off people is their are a lot of seed to these berries, but if no one has a problem then your in the clear.

Also, this cobbler keeps quite well. You can keep it in the fridge and it will only get better overtime.Because the flavor of the berries absorb into the topping. I made this cobbler on Sunday night and it lasted till Tuesday night.It probably would of been finished even faster if everyone here liked blackberries.Haha I had the last piece, it was really yummy!

This definitely was a experiment recipe and it turned out pretty well. I'm glad because I get to make this dessert at a dinner party, I'm helping out with this weekend.Only this time its going to be made with frozen wild berries. Hopefully everything turns out as well as it did this time or better.

Blackberry Cobbler
(Adapted From Company's Coming,Blueberry Cobbler)

120ml soft margarine (hard margarine/butter)
500ml all purpose flour
350 ml milk
60ml granulated sugar
20ml baking powder
10ml vanilla
2 ml cinnamon
1 ml nutmeg
1000ml Blackberries,Fresh Or Frozen(thawed)
60ml granulated sugar
Drizzle 2 tbsp of water

Melt margarine or butter.Pour into a greased shallow glass baking dish. 2 quart or 13x9 glass pan.Set aside.

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, ground cinnamon and nutmeg.Stir with a wooden spoon.Add milk and vanilla.Stir.

Drop by tbsp/15ml over margarine.Creating cobbler stones.

Combine fresh or thawed blueberries and sugar in a medium sized bowl.Stir.

Sprinkle berries over flour mixture.Don't totally cover the dough.You want the dough to rise in between and become golden brown.

Drizzle with water. Do not stir. Bake at 350F for 40 - 45 minutes until bubbling and lightly browned.Serve warm. Serves 12+

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