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My Review Of Special K Oats & Honey Cereal + More News!

Many of you that are freebie junkies like me have likely heard about the free Kellogg's Special K Cereal coupon that many signed up for. I was super lucky to get mine because I can imagine they were snatched up quite quickly.To let everyone know though, that this coupon promotion is no longer available and I hope everyone that did get their coupon used it on January 3rd, since its only valid for one day. If you missed out I can imagine their will be more freebie samples to come this new year.If your someone that did get their cereal? Which one did you choose? 

I was able to get their Special K Oats &Honey Cereal. My first choice was to try the Special K Blueberry Cereal,but they were all sold out at Wal-mart. Many people that day must of went their earlier to get a choice between the two and the blueberry must of came out on top.Also, many people know that if its a one day only coupon the products will be gone fast and I think even Wal-mart put it on sale. I'm not really a fan of the one day only idea because a lot of times you forget the day or they end up being all sold out in most stores.However I really can't complain to much because I just got a free box of Special K cereal, which is usually over five dollars original price.I says its definitely worth it to order coupons and sign up for free samples over the Internet, since you will usually get a great deal.

Now everybody most likely wants to hear about my thoughts on this new cereal from Kellogg's. Well this cereal that you see to the left is  Special K Oats &Honey Cereal made with Multigrain flakes,oats and naturally flavored honey.It's also a low in fat cereal. Each portion recommend is about 110 calories.It also lists fiber along with other vitamins and minerals in the cereal.

My first thought when I saw the cereal was "Wow those are some big flakes". Now I wish I took a picture of one of the bigger flakes that was in my bowl.Oh well, you get my point they were rather large compared to other cereal flakes. They are also quite crunchy and were rather nice to snack on without milk.With that trait in mind you know they will hold there own against the milk.Just don't let it sit for to long.


I can admit that I am not a honey lover; however I ended up really liking this cereal.Its actually kind of weird because its only mildly sweet as a snack and as a cereal it seems to get stronger in honey flavor, but not enough to make me hate it.It has a good equal balance of flavors, so either side will find something they like about it.The only negatives I have for this cereal is a regular sized box is way to expensive and I would only choose to buy this if it was on sale along with using a coupon.As a regular price I would not buy this, but as a free sample its definitely worth it. 

Also, in other news I received one of my giveaway wins on Wednesday. I got a PAM baking package that I won at Leslie Love Veggies. Its one of my top favorite giveaway wins so far and I'm very grateful to the sponsors.I will be having a lot of fun trying out and reviewing these products.Look out for upcoming product reviews!

In the package I received lots of goodies, including 3 cans of PAM spray, one package of chipts dark chocolate chips and another package of chipt toffee bits.I also got a Wilton's cookie sheet,one stainless metal spatula and eight small Christmas cookie cutters.I won this on December 22nd and it arrived as a great 2012 gift.This new year is starting out pretty good!

(I was not compensated or asked to do this review of Special K Cereal.I wanted to test my review skills)

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