Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Jelly Roll Is A Sweet Delight

This is a wonderful simple recipe for a jelly roll cake that I found in my collection of high school recipes.These cakes come to be very unique especially when you can add your favorite food items to the filling such as fruits,whipping cream,or anything that you would like to add.In this cake recipe I chose to go with just a simple strawberry jam filling .

This jelly roll had a great texture combination of spongy,airy and crumbly.Its flavor had a mild sweet along with the filling giving it a fruity aspect as well adding more sweetness to the overall cake.Jelly rolls are a crowd pleaser cake due to the fact of its neat and simple appearance. When I made this cake it was gone in no time especially with being a cake that doesn't make you really full after the first piece.That's another bonus with making this cake people will come back for seconds and then realize they came back more then twice.


You don't have to just have jam or jelly you can add your own favorite fresh chopped fruits, dried fruits, nuts or whipped cream. Anything that you think would be tasty go ahead and add it to the rolled cake.

Enjoy! And experiment with your own ingredients.

Jelly Roll ( Written out by me, from high school cooking classes)

50ml icing sugar
4 eggs whites
1ml salt
175ml berry sugar (75ml berry sugar in white, 100ml into yolk)
4 egg yolks
2ml vanilla
175ml flour
2ml baking powder
125ml jam or jelly

1.Preheat oven 400F, grease sheet, wax paper
2.Separate eggs, yolks in sm. Bowl, whites in lg. bowl
3.Beat whites until stand in peaks
4.75ml berry sugar, add 25mls at a time to whites(x3), beating
5.Beat yolks, add vanilla, 100ml berry sugar, add sugar 25mls at a time (x4)
6.Sift flour on plate, add baking powder & salt
7.Pour yolks over whites, fold in 5-7 times, add third of flour mixture to egg mixture at a time, folding it in.
8.Pour evenly on waxed cookie sheet
9.Place in oven for 10-12 minute
10.Spread clean towel on counter, sift icing sugar on to it
11.Baked, turn sheet up side down on towel, remove pan, remove wax paper with knife carefully
12.Roll up into your towel, let sit for 10 minutes
13.Unroll, get rid of towel, spread jam or jelly over top of it and roll it up again, let sit for 10 minutes, serve.

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