Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Is One Large Pizza

Yesterday I was really craving some pizza so I thought I make some for dinner that day.So I decided to make a large rectangle size and just doubled the recipe for dough that was for a large round pizza.I topped it with any ingredients that were available.In my toppings I used olives, yellow peppers,green peppers, garlic sandwich meat,cheddar cheese,and mozzarella cheese.

I have gotten good compliments on this pizza and all 24 pieces I cut up were gone in no time at all;however that probably happens all the time with pizza. I would describe the dough, crunchy, soft, risen,absorbs flavor well and of course tastes like whatever toppings you use. I really enjoy making this recipe every time I use it because its very simple and quick. This recipe comes from my Italian Foods Grade 11 Recipes called Fermipan pizza, I'll post it below.

Rectangle pizza-Double the recipe. 
For 2 lg round pizza- Double the recipe.
For1 lg round pizza-Keep as is.

Fermipan Pizza ( Written By Berendina Dykema ,Italian Food 11)
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 500ml flour
15ml yeast
15 sugar
2ml salt
200ml water
125ml tomato sauce
2ml garlic powder or 1 lg garlic clove
2ml Italian spice
125ml Mozzarella (option: variety of cheeses together)
Toppings Of Your Choice

1.Preheat 400 F.
2.Add flour,yeast, sugar, and salt to med size bowl.
3.Add warm water to dry, stir in to a ball.
4.Oil the pizza pan.
5.Then spread dough on pizza pan with hands( advice: may look impossible, but just keep working at it and try to keep even as possible)
6.In sm. bowl mix tomato sauce,garlic and spices.
7.Let pizza rise 15 minutes before putting toppings on.
8.Put toppings on and let rise for another 15 minutes.
9.Bake for 15 -20 minutes, till crust is golden brown and bottom of pizza is golden.

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