Friday, January 28, 2011

The Best Homemade Pizza I Ever Had!!!!!! :D

I have to say this is the best homemade pizza I have ever made and I absolutely love the flavor of the crust. I have to give two thumbs up to this amazing whole wheat pizza recipe posted by Marla. It was the first recipe I found online and I was a little hesitant about using it without researching a little more. However I saw it had great ratings and reviews and thought  it must be good, they were right :P

This pizza crust you may be surprised isn't actually made with 100% whole wheat flour, which doesn't really bother me because I just love the flavor of whole wheat. However from my research in the past about this kind of crust is most recipes use a combination of whole wheat and white flour to prevent the dough from being to dry, tough or chewy. No! one wants that :(


Hope is not lost though because I saw many people comment and review the recipe with their ideas for a full whole wheat pizza crust, so it definitely can be done :P.Many people want to make whole wheat pizzas for a healthier choice or just love the flavor.

I think pizza does gets a bad wrap all together for being unhealthy, but it doesn't have to be. My cooking teacher always told us when we were planning to make pizza and I'm par-phasing this is   " pizza is actually healthy for you because it made with many ingredients that are healthy". I agreed with her on this fact.

  For me, I think the only time something is or becomes unhealthy is when its taken to extremes. Meaning we can eat any kind of food, but as soon as we start overeating the item it's no longer beneficial.Balance is ultimately what's important in any abstract of  life.So don't get yourself down when you eat pizza once, twice or more a month,especially when its a homemade and tastes so much better,cheaper too :D.

I love homemade pizza because you can choose to make a long line of different combination's. I was even thinking of making a chicken Alfredo pizza and ended up not having all the ingredients for it so I had to think of something else. In the end up I went with a salami, spinach and mozzarella topping,which was surprisingly really good . I even used a garlic pasta sauce in replacement to tomato sauce and I liked it even better. The pasta sauce is way thicker then tomato, which prevented it from absorbing to much in the dough and lacking sauce with the toppings.

For this time I made two thin crust whole wheat pizzas and can be made as one large thick crust
(recommended for lots of topping/ heavier items). When making pizza with my family you have to make two because they seem to really like the recipes I choose and I think this one is a keeper :D. It does however take some time to rise but its all worth it because you end up with a great risen golden crust that will impress.It may not be 100% whole wheat but it definitely tastes really good and that's what counts in the food world :D.


  1. I love whole wheat pizza crust! Your pizza looks great!

  2. That pizza looks so much better than the ones we usually buy. I think we've definitely been missing out by not making our own.


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