Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Review Of Kashi Peanut Peanut Butter Chewy Bars

 Kashi, The Seven Whole Grain Company was giving out free samples through the mail to whoever filled out the information on their site.The samples were snatched up fast online and after a while of waiting, we received our Blackberry Graham bar.It resembled much like a fig newton bar in texture and appearance,while being slightly dry.The company was even more generous by also sending a freebie coupon with it for one box of any choice Kashi Bar.

The ones you see here are the one's we got free, which are called Peanut Peanut Butter Bars.Each Kashi box has 6 bars in total and these specific bars are 150 calories each.However don't let the calories scare you off because these bars are better for you then other granola bars.They include seven whole grains, which they let you know in the company name and they only use nature ingredients in their products. Kashi bars also include fiber,protein and zero trans fats.The bars also have a bonus.I can actually read,pronounce and understand everything in the ingredients list.

These bars are packed to the maximum of peanuts and if you added anymore I think it be officially cereal.They hold up strong and are way thicker then any other granola bar.The peanut bars also have a great appearance and look exactly like the image on the box, which is surprising since some products can be very deceiving.These traits are a big win in my book.

When I actually tried this Peanut Peanut Butter bar I was having a workout with my jaw.When they said chewy bars they meant business.However after I learned to eat the bar more slowly I avoided any jaw tension.Even though they were quite chewy and crunchy they didn't lack any moisture,which I think is a great bonus.Any other peanut bar I've tried has been so dry it seemed like you were eating a thick cracker.I'm glad they kept with their promise of having a chewy,crunchy bar that isn't dry.

Now on to the flavor that everyone is patiently waiting to learn about, right? Well my judgement is Kashi does very well in getting that strong flavor of peanut, but I cannot say that it tastes like peanut butter.But maybe I'm way to use to rich peanut butter and that might come through my review.However it has a good sweetness balance and a good after taste.You could eat a few of these and not have any bad flavors in your mouth afterwords.However you probably be very full in the end.

My family members that also tried them had a few different opinions.One said the bars needed more peanuts and another said it lacked peanut butter flavor.All in all we all came to the same decision that these bars were pretty good.They weren't perfect, but definitely a worthy free sample.Anyways, everyone have a soon to be great weekend!

This is my own review of a product I tried out.I'm just practicing my writing chops and I was no way compensated or asked to do this review.Just getting the word out about a good product.

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