Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dairyland Review Part 4:Heavy Cream & Whole Milk

This time in our Dairyland reviews, I get to share with all of you about a great recipe to make home made vanilla ice cream.This is a simple recipe made from a cookbook called Women's Day Desserts,which includes a chapter for ice cream and sorbets.Ever since I have seen this recipe for Fabulous Vanilla Ice Cream I have been waiting for the best time to test it out and when I was asked to review Dairyland products, I was super excited to try this recipe.

When I began making this recipe I was really amazed how it was only made with five ingredients and without using any kind of ice cream maker.I was very interested in how it would all come together to create the flavour and texture we look for in our ice cream.So through the recipe I was quite surprise how simple it was to make and how delicious it was as an end result.

The ingredients that I did use from Dairyland were their homogenized milk and heavy (whipping) cream.These products became very important to the texture and structure to the home made ice cream.It help create a silky and smooth texture and the whipping cream it self help create height in the chilling process.However these ingredients cannot stand alone because they need components that bring flavour. The low fat condensed milk helps with the sweetness and then of course the vanilla extract that has to be their for vanilla ice cream.Then lastly we needed that small amount of salt to bring out all those flavours and then in the end we created a delicious and simple ice cream.

The Dairyland products that were used are great for baking and I highly recommend them.This ice cream recipe I also give a big thumbs up too and I recommend everyone to try it out.If you love vanilla ice cream then you will love this home-made.

So go on and check out the recipe below and be sure to check in for more reviews!


Fabulous Vanilla Ice Cream 
(Adapted From Woman's Day Desserts By Kathy Farrell-Kingsley And Editor Of Woman's Day)


Yields: About 6 cups

Cold Dairyland whole milk
Artificial vanilla extract
Low fat sweetened condensed milk
Table salt
Dairyland heavy whipping cream


2 lg bowls
Measuring spoons
Liquid measure
Electric Beater
Rubber Spatula
Shallow baking pan
Saran Wrap
Freezer Airtight container

Pour 1/2 cup of cold Dairyland homogenized milk to a large bowl.

Then add 1 tbsp of vanilla to the bowl (pure or artificial),

Pour one whole can of low fat or non fat condensed milk(Use a rubber spatula to remove all the milk)

Then lastly sprinkle in the 1/8 tsp of table salt.Mix with a wooden spoon or with a rubber spatula.Set aside to use later in the recipe.

Take another lg bowl and pour in 2 cups of Dairyland Heavy (whipping) Cream

Beat with a electric beater on medium speed until stiff peaks form.

 Then gently fold in the whipping cream into the milk mixture with a rubber spatula.

Should look like this when all mixed together.

Now pour the mixture into a shallow oblong metal or glass pan(13x9 inch pan).

Cover and freeze at least four hours and stir once after 2 hours or when the edges start to harden.

Can serve right away or pack in an airtight freeze container and keep frozen up to 1 month.