Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween Everybody!!

Hope its full of candy,great costumes,delicious spooky food and best of all lots of fun! So to get myself in the blogging Halloween spirit.I will let you see the special treats I made to celebrate this very spooky day.
The treats I made were Halloween Cake pops.This was my first ever attempt to make cake pops and it sure was an experience.It took some time to figure out everything;however in the end the cake's seem to come out pretty well.

The mini cakes themselves were made from a wacky cake recipe that was simple and delicious.The decorating was created by me and my sister,which was great because you get lots of creative ideas that way.We used  white candy melts,variety of sprinkles,licorice,candy cone and candy eyes to decorate.Overall,it was lots of fun to make silly and spooky treats! 

I definitely recommend everyone to make their own little cake pops for Halloween.They are fun to make and you don't even need to be a great decorator.Because monsters and ghouls never seem to put themselves together that well anyways.

Have a great Halloween everyone!