Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dairyland:Compare 2% Cottage Cheese to 1% Cottage Cheese

 When I first chose to pick up Dairy land's 2% and 1% Cottage cheese, I thought right away I should compare these products for all my viewers.So what I did was simply test them out on their own by serving them with a little fruit.

The first serving I tired was Dairy land's original 2% cottage cheese served with strawberries.It had a thick and creamy texture while the flavor was very rich.The strawberries also gave some sweetness that paired well with the cottage cheese and gave color to the overall appearance.It looked great and tasted delicious.

 Now, Dairy land's 1% cottage cheese with strawberry is slightly different compared to the original,especially since it contains less milk fat.When I try some of this dish I could tell that it was slightly more watery in texture and less creamy.The flavor however was still rich and paired well with the sweetness of the strawberry.It too, looked great overall and tasted delicious.

 In my opinion,both the 2% and 1% cottage cheese that I tested out were delicious.To compare them. I will say they had slightly different textures due to altering the milk fat;however in the end the flavor wasn't altered and was still quite rich.I would also say that 2% maybe high in protein, but 1% is healthier with less fat and still contains high protein.In the end,they are both good for you and taste delicious. So I have to recommend both!