Friday, March 22, 2013

Classic Snacks Made From Scratch

Classic Snacks Made From Scratch is a cookbook written by Casey BarBer and published by the Ulysess Press.Classic snacks is inspired to make homemade versions of all our favorite brand name treats and even encourage readers to implement their own creative idea.Casey BarBer has taken on a big challenge to find out exactly how all these treats tick and develop a recipe that everyone can make.I love the challenge and creativity that is found in this book,which is the main reason I took the opportunity to review for my readers.I am super excited to see how the recipes turn out and It definitely will be a fun review for me and my taste testers.I hope everyone is as interested as I am and will tune in on the recipe testing.Enjoy!

 (I received this cookbook free for review and all my opinions share throughout this review are my own.)

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